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Vandana Luthra is an Indian inspirational entrepreneur who is the founder of VLCC Health care Ltd. The company sells beauty products and wellness conglomerate. The company is dispensing in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe. In 2014 she became chairperson of the Beauty and wellness sector skills council that is not a profitable organization, the B&WSSC gets financial support from NSDC which comes under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

VLCC is a renowned brand with international presence in over 11 countries having Indian roots and a female founder Vandana Luthra.. ... Despite the support offered by her husband Vandana wanted to do it on her own and took a small loan from a bank, due to the unique concept she succeeded in getting people flocking to his company after facing the initial hiccups.

She started this in the times when women weren’t allowed to go out of the house let alone even think of something in a professional capacity that too of a startup which thought of an idea decades ahead of its time. Vandana Luthra started this in 1989, a time when people didn’t even care about fitness or food let alone nutrition or appearances.

Inspiration to make other people’s lives better came to Vandana from her parents, she was an eyewitness in her childhood of her folks inviting neighbourhood kids to watch TV when they bought their first one, and it was a rarity to have at that time. Furthermore, her mother ran a trust named Amar Jyoti which was amongst the first ones in the field of education and educated kids from nursery to class VIIth, those with disabilities were also empowered.


Personal life and Education
Vandana Luthra was born on 12 July 1956 in Delhi. According to Wikipedia, she grew up in an educated family, her mother was running charitable Trust and her father worked as a mechanical engineer. She completed her graduation in Delhi and decided to go to different countries (Germany, UK, and France) to gain expertise in beauty, skincare, fitness and food and nutrition.


In 1988 she got married to Mukesh Luthra. She has two daughters.

The key to success lies in above words says Vandana Luthra who has seen the utmost of challenges and faced worse odds only to climb and come on top of all these and became an inspiration and look up to person for all those who follow especially the women entrepreneurs. To recognize her work she has been bestowed upon with many awards and recognitions, chief amongst them being Padma Shri, Women Entrepreneur Award, Rajeev Gandhi Women Achiever’s Award.

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