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Director's Profile:

Mr Aman Batra is a CEO of Lifestyle Magazine®, a  serial  entrepreneur,  Branding Guru and a Media Mogul.  He is a, MBA, LLB and has a a rich career spanning of 20 years in the  media line. His work is recognized and appreciated by many   benchmark authorities worldwide.   

In spite of being the first generation entrepreneur, Lifestyle Magazine® is one of the most powerful brand with huge subscription base, with  very strong intellectual property rights and it is the most loved magazine across the globe under his clear vision and  strong  leadership .

Lifestyle Magazine® is a global magazine headquartered in India  and published for Asia, North America, South America, Europe,   Oceania & Africa. Each issue is full of fashion, distilling the seasonal  fashion and beauty must-haves and emerging trends for readers who  want to be inspired and in the know.

Mr Batra mentors many budding entrepreneurs, helps many corporates to reposition, build brands,  grow in sales and is a growth consultant to many organizations .


Aman Batra
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