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“Every woman's Success should be an 
inspiration to another woman. 
We're strongest when we cheer each other on.”

Jurate Stasiunaite
Miss Grand Lithuania 2018.
Miss Supranational Lithuania 2019. 

Jurate Stasiunaite, born on  May 22, 1991, is a Lithuanian model, businesswoman and beauty pageant title holder who was crowned Miss Grand Lithuania 2018 and represented Lithuania at Miss Grand International 2018 beauty pageant held in Yangon, Myanmar. The next year, she was crowned Miss Supranational Lithuania 2019 and represented Lithuania at Miss Supranational 2019 beauty pageant held in Silesia province, Poland.

Stasiunaite was born an only child in Vilnius, Lithuania. She completed an Interior Design study program from Vilnius College of Design, (VCD) in Lithuania in 2015. She also studied Japanese Language and Culture at Kanagawa University in Yokohama, Japan in 2017.

Coming from a very humble background, built with a fire to achieve what seemed impossible then and put herself  in a position to give back to the world....She knew from the beginning, she had  to give herself the best education and vast experience possible. She started working at 19. Her goal was to travel extensively and become independent from her parents. It was hard, but she achieved and now she is  doing everything what makes her happy and she is doing her best to make a difference in the society.

Stasiunaite has been teaching Japanese business protocol and western business etiquette to various corporate bodies in Japan since 2017. She trains and works with politicians/business people from across the globe and also conducts seminars for business people in Tokyo and Yokohama.In September, 2017, Stasiunaite founded her company named “Juria Style” in Japan. In 2018 together with Lithuanian fashion designers, she created a new line of clothes and textile collection for the Japanese market.


Stasiunaite  has been modelling for 10 years since being scouted in Vilnius main street, when she  was age 19. She has done modelling assignments in Lithuania as well as abroad for editorial, print, look books, artistic fashion, fashion shows and commercials in Japan, Malaysia, Italy, India, S.Korea, France. 
She  dedicates and owe success to her grandmother and to those who have supported her dreams along the way. “Not everyone will understand your path , so build and do good anyway with the platform. I hope my life journey  can help other girls to never give up on their dreams.”articulates Jurate Stasiunaite.

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