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In the tapestry of life, Tanya Singh Jauhar's story stands as a testament to unwavering determination, adaptability, and the power of pursuing one's passions. Her journey embodies the fusion of ambition, hard work, and the courage to forge her own path.

From a young age, Tanya displayed a studious and ambitious spirit, fueled by a deep love for learning and a passion for singing. Growing up in the presence of her mother, who worked with a British firm, Tanya yearned for her own identity and success. Originally aspiring to become an environmental scientist, she secured a spot at JNU for environmental studies. Yet, recognizing the limitations of the field in India, she pivoted towards her love for sketching and entered the world of fashion. Completing a 3-year Diploma in Fashion Textile Designing from IIFT, New Delhi, Tanya's journey in the fashion industry began to unfold.

Tanya embarked on her professional journey as an intern in an export firm in Sainik Farms, igniting her passion for textiles and fashion. Her career flourished as she joined esteemed buying houses like KDC, Li & Fung, and Triburg as a Merchandiser. However, life took an unexpected turn in 2009 with marriage and motherhood. Undeterred, Tanya's unwavering spirit led her to organize exhibitions and participate in flea markets, combining her love for fashion with home furnishings.

With her daughter reaching school age, Tanya felt the pull of her passion for merchandising. Resuming her career after a 5-year hiatus, she embarked on a path that demanded dedication and resilience. With invaluable support from her husband, in-laws, and parents, Tanya's determination shone as she navigated the intersection of work and family responsibilities.

Joining Creatnet Services in Noida marked a turning point for Tanya. Despite her initial unfamiliarity with marketing, her unyielding resolve propelled her forward. Mastering the art of approaching international brands, Tanya secured appointments with renowned clothing companies, leading to a significant turning point - a business trip to the USA in 2004. This voyage paved the way for Tanya's global success, as she ventured into marketing for apparel, shoes, home furnishings and jewelry.

Tanya's journey traversed continents and industries, as she introduced iconic brands like Steve Madden,Karina Grimaldi,Saylor NYC, Soul Kathrine and Michael Kors to the Indian market. Rising to the role of Marketing Head at Neha Fashion, a prominent export firm in Noida, she emphasizes the crucial role of her family and spouse in her achievements. 
For aspiring women, Tanya's message is clear: Chase your dreams, maintain a positive outlook, and harness determination as your guiding force. With the right drive and an unyielding spirit, there are no boundaries to what women can accomplish. /tanya.singh79
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