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Surbhi Bansal, a Mumbai native, stands as a beacon of inspiration and empowerment. Armed with an MBA in Finance from Mumbai University and an impressive 17-year career in the financial sector, working with esteemed Indian and Multinational Corporations. Surbhi's journey to success is uniquely marked by her triumph over the challenges posed by Cerebral Palsy.

Childhood for Surbhi was a delicate dance between physiotherapy and an unyielding pursuit of typical mobility. Despite numerous surgeries to improve her condition, these interventions took a toll on her health. Yet, Surbhi's resilience shone through as she spent 2.5 years assisting her father's business after completing her studies before making her mark in the corporate world. Professionally successful, Surbhi battled personal dissatisfaction, particularly her longing to walk unaided. This led her to healing sessions, a quest that gained momentum during the global pandemic. 

As COVID-19 disrupted routines and limited physical activities, Surbhi's frustration reached a nadir in January 2021.

The turning point in Surbhi's life occurred when she decided to seize control. Unable to seek further medical intervention, she enrolled in Healing Certification Courses, seeking answers to the pivotal question that resonated in each session: "How can I walk again?" The culmination of these courses and a transformative healing session marked the inception of Surbhi's journey towards self-acceptance.

Freed from the shackles of self-blame, Surbhi embraced her unique abilities, paving the way for a remarkable transformation. In November 2022, she delved into the concept of "Brahma Muhurta," discovering the potency of pre-sunrise moments to manifest dreams.

Surbhi achieved many milestones, one of them is the launch of her YouTube channel featuring sitting dance choreographies in April 2022. Her excellence is further underscored by being a Harvard Book of Records holder in 2 categories related to Dance.

She is a Certified Life Coach, guiding others on their personal development journeys. She received the Women Icon in Professional Coaching and Consulting award at the 4th International Inspirational Women Awards (IIWA) in 2023.


Her commitment to personal growth is evident in her victories, including clearing the Initial Year examination in Kathak dance and the First Year examination in Semi-classical dance. Surbhi shares her tumultuous yet enlightening life journey in her recently launched book, "Breaking Barriers: A Journey from Setback to Triumph." This memoir invites readers to explore Surbhi's path from self-doubt to unwavering determination, offering insights into overcoming obstacles and unlocking boundless potential.

As Surbhi reflects on her life's roller coaster, she imparts valuable lessons learned along the way:
Embrace Your Body: Acceptance is the first step towards transformation.
Everything Happens for a Reason: Every experience, whether positive or challenging, shapes your journey.
Learn to Accept: Acknowledge and embrace your uniqueness.
People are Not Permanent: Cherish relationships but understand their transient nature.
Forgive and Let Go: Release the weight of resentment for personal liberation.
Your Thoughts are Your Reality: Cultivate positive thinking to shape a positive life.

Surbhi's story is a testament to the power of resilience, self-belief, and the ability to transform adversity into triumph. As she extends an inspiring message to others, she emphasizes the crucial role thoughts play in shaping one's reality, asserting, "If I can do it, you can too." Surbhi Bansal, with her unwavering spirit, exemplifies the essence of Women Power, showcasing that true strength lies in embracing one's uniqueness and channeling it towards achieving greatness.
YouTube: @surbhibansal3523 

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