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Sunita Kohli: Known for her timeless and elegant designs, Sunita Kohli is one of India's most respected interior designers. She specializes in restoring heritage properties and creating luxurious interiors that blend traditional and contemporary elements.
Sunita Kohli is a highly revered and accomplished interior designer in India, renowned for her timeless and elegant designs. With a specialization in restoring heritage properties, Sunita has made a significant impact on the world of interior design through her exceptional craftsmanship and ability to blend traditional and contemporary elements seamlessly.

Sunita's design philosophy revolves around preserving the rich cultural heritage of India while infusing it with modern sensibilities. She has a deep understanding of traditional Indian design principles and architectural styles, which she incorporates into her projects to create spaces that exude a sense of grandeur and sophistication.

One of the notable aspects of Sunita's work is her meticulous attention to detail. She meticulously researches historical periods, architectural styles, and cultural nuances to ensure authenticity in her designs. By employing skilled craftsmen and artisans, she brings to life intricate and exquisite details that reflect the heritage and craftsmanship of India.Sunita is particularly renowned for her expertise in restoring heritage properties. She has worked on iconic palaces, havelis, and historic buildings, breathing new life into them while preserving their original charm. Her restoration projects are a testament to her deep respect for history and her dedication to preserving India's architectural heritage.

In addition to her restoration work, Sunita also excels in creating luxurious interiors for residential and commercial spaces. Her designs embody a sense of elegance and sophistication, with a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary elements. She skillfully incorporates rich textiles, intricate carvings, and handcrafted furniture into her designs, resulting in spaces that exude opulence and refinement.

Sunita's work has been widely recognized and applauded both in India and internationally. She has received numerous awards and honors for her contributions to the field of interior design and architecture. Her designs have been featured in prestigious design publications, showcasing her ability to create spaces that capture the essence of Indian culture while offering a modern and luxurious living experience.

Apart from her design work, Sunita Kohli is also actively involved in promoting and preserving Indian arts and crafts. She serves as a trustee of various cultural institutions and has worked tirelessly to promote the skills and talents of Indian artisans.

Sunita Kohli's timeless and elegant designs have made her a revered figure in the world of interior design. Her ability to seamlessly blend traditional and contemporary elements, along with her commitment to preserving India's architectural heritage, sets her apart as a visionary in the industry. Her designs continue to inspire and captivate, creating spaces that embody the essence of luxury and cultural richness.

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