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In the heart of Surat, Gujarat, Karishma Babulal Sekhani's journey began 32 years ago. Born into a close-knit family rooted in middle-class Jain values, her childhood was defined by restrictions and conservative norms. Karishma, born in Mumbai and raised in Surat, is an Engineer, IT professional, Badminton player, Fitness Enthusiast, and now an Author. Growing up, she faced restrictive norms but found support from her superhero father. Despite societal expectations, he believed in her potential, guiding her to self-study and excel academically.
"My childhood journey reflects familial love, courage, and breaking free from societal constraints".

Corporate journey: In 2014, Karishma kicked off her corporate journey as an IT professional post-engineering. Starting at Capgemini in Mumbai, her career unfolded with industry giants like Deloitte, IQVIA, Infosys and Wipro. Despite the challenging move from Surat to Mumbai, Karishma faced it with unwavering support from both her father and her maternal side. Tears welled up on her first day, bidding farewell, as if leaving her home planet. Despite the initial fear, stepping out of her comfort zone profoundly shaped Karishma's life. Grateful for the experiences, her corporate journey continues to be an exhilarating adventure, filled with growth and discovery.

Books serve as guiding beacons: Her reading journey started in the chaos of Mumbai's traffic. "The Alchemist" was her first read, shifting something deep within, unveiling life's purpose. Leaving Mumbai, Bangalore taught her independence lessons. Despite job discontent, the pursuit of better opportunities and higher pay led her to a money-chasing trap. The tragic loss of her father during the first wave of COVID-19 in July 2020 shattered her, transforming fear into resilience. Books "The Secret" and "Rich Dad Poor Dad" served as guiding lights, reshaping her views on life and money, empowering to conquer her deepest fears and find strength in adversity.

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Dreams come true: Karishma's dream of meeting Robert Kiyosaki became a reality during an event in Mumbai. The encounter led to a deep connection, with Kiyosaki even addressing her as his good friend on stage. This moment of manifestation and connection inspired Karishma to share her journey, leading to her decision to author a book.

In a serendipitous turn of events, a publisher at the same event encouraged her to write a book, marking the fulfilment of a dream she shared with her late father. Drawing from her father's lessons on gift-giving and the manifestation of her meeting with Kiyosaki, her upcoming book, "Gift of Giving- Manifesting Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki Through Great Dad's Lessons", promises a magical story of personal growth and inspiration.

Karishma, a source of inspiration, quit her job after meeting Kiyosaki to fulfil her life's calling. Her transformative tale from a conservative upbringing to conquering the corporate world encourages women, especially youth, to embrace ambitions, challenge norms, and chart unique paths to success. Karishma stands as a testament to resilience, determination, breaking barriers and chasing dreams.
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• Instagram:@karishma.babulal
• LinkedIn: Karishma Babulal Sekhani 
• Facebook: Karishma Sekhani

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