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When life gives us lemons, we are often told that we should start making lemonades. However, making the most of a dreary situation is challenging, and some chapters are too grueling for us to endure in the book of life. But is giving up an option? Well, Sohina Elizabeth Charan would say a ‘no’ to this question. 

From a star MBA student to a professional fashion model, Sohina’s journey has a lesson or two for everyone.Born and brought up in the beautiful city of Allahabad, Sohina shifted to Madhya Pradesh to pursue an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the prestigious Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya University, Indore.

Although Sohina enjoyed academics, she aspired to be a model and an actor. In January 2020, she joined the Cocoaberry Academy in Mumbai to get professional training in modeling by decorated supermodel Alesia Raut. 

But, Sohina’s tryst with her dreams did not come easy. In 2018, she was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst that was increasing in size and required surgery. She tried Allopathic and Ayurvedic treatment but nothing worked, thereby making surgery compulsory. In 2019, Sohina underwent surgery and by God’s grace, the surgery was successful. However, during the recovery period, Sohina gained a lot of weight, and her dreams of becoming a successful model seemed to be slipping away.One fine day, Sohina decided to change her life and make her dreams a reality. She was not ready to become a puppet of fate. Thus, she began working out and lost 9 kilograms in merely two months. Such stupendous change invigorated Sohina, and after that, she never looked back.
Sohina says, ‘accomplishments are never small; they always help boost one’s morale.’ In 2019, Sohina was crowned Miss BBA of her college. In 
2020, she participated in a beauty pageant    
- India’s Miss TGPC where she won the state title of Miss Madhya Pradesh.    

In addition, most recently, she cleared the casting call for one of the shows produced by Sharp Entertainment based in New York that makes television shows for channels like MTV, TLC, and so forth.

Sohina exemplifies that willpower and determination are the keys to success. She opines that training the mind is crucial to be prepared to deal with any situation that life throws at us. 
For a daily dose of inspiration from the world of Sohina, follow her at:
Insta: sohina_elizabethcharan
facebook:Sohina Charan

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