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Jack Canfield, a true luminary in the realm of personal development and peak performance, is renowned for founding the billion-dollar enterprise Chicken Soup® for the Soul Enterprises. His journey from a dedicated inner-city high school teacher to a globally recognized transformational speaker and trainer underscores his unwavering commitment to helping individuals unlock their full potential, irrespective of their circumstances. Jack's life mission revolves around empowering others to achieve their unique visions of success, fostering lives imbued with greater joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

Key Highlights of Jack Canfield's Remarkable Career:
Pioneer of Personal Development: Jack stands as a pioneering figure and legend in the field of personal development and peak performance. His journey includes founding the iconic Chicken Soup for the Soul™ publishing empire, marked by numerous New York Times bestselling titles, such as "The Success Principles," "The Power of Focus," "The Aladdin Factor," "Dare to Win," "The Key to Living the Law of Attraction," "Living the Success Principles," "Coaching for Breakthrough Success," and more.

Global Reach: With a staggering 2.5 million subscribers and followers on social media, Jack Canfield's influence has resonated with countless individuals worldwide. His books have collectively sold over 500 million copies across the globe, and he has graced more than 1,000 TV and radio shows as a featured guest.

Transformational Leadership: Jack's impact extends to the corporate world, where he has advised some of the world's largest organizations.Industries spanning healthcare, manufacturing, direct sales, real estate, higher education, and more have witnessed transformative change through the implementation of Jack's strategies.


Inspiring Speaker: Jack Canfield is recognized as one of the world's most sought-after speakers. His empowering message of "The Success Principles" has energized audiences in stadiums of over 50,000 people, inspiring teams and individuals to elevate their performance, embrace challenges, forge strategic alliances, nurture relationships, shape attitudes, and optimize behaviors for greater success.

Internationally Recognized Thought Leader: Jack's influence is far-reaching, with over 2,500 trainings, workshops, and seminars conducted across 35 countries. His expertise has been instrumental in effecting positive change for more than 500 corporations, professional associations, universities, school systems, and mental health organizations.

Advisor to Global Giants: Jack's distinguished client roster boasts internationally renowned organizations, including Virgin Records, Microsoft, Federal Express, Siemens, Campbell's Soup, Sony Pictures, General Electric, Sprint, Merrill Lynch, Johnson & Johnson, Coldwell Banker, and many more.

Massive Book Sales: Jack's literary contributions are nothing short of monumental, with over 100 million books sold in the United States alone and a staggering 500 million copies sold worldwide. His extensive body of work spans various bestselling titles, each designed to empower readers to achieve their fullest potential.

Guinness World Records: Jack holds two prestigious Guinness World Records. He earned the first for having seven books simultaneously featured on the New York Times Bestseller list. Additionally, he clinched the Guinness World Record for orchestrating the largest book signing event for "Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul."

Media Presence: Jack has been a featured guest on more than 1,000 TV and radio shows, including iconic programs such as Oprah, Montel, Larry King Live, 20/20, The Today Show, Fox and Friends, and many more.

Welfare-to-Work Advocate: Jack is the visionary founder of The Foundation for Self-Esteem, dedicated to providing self-esteem resources and training to social workers, welfare recipients, and human resource professionals. His innovative GOALS Program, a video-based training initiative, has aided 810,000 individuals in California in their transition from welfare to gainful employment, effecting transformative change in countless lives.

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