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Cheryl Richardson, a dedicated advocate for self-care for over twenty-five years, has made it her life's mission to promote personal well-being for the betterment of both individuals and the planet. Drawing from her personal experiences and extensive work with a diverse clientele, Cheryl has come to a profound realization – that when we prioritize self-care, we naturally extend our care and support to others, our families, friends, the environment, and the world at large, in a healthier and more effective manner.

As an embodiment of her commitment to self-care, Cheryl Richardson allocates her time, energy, and resources to support causes that aim to protect the environment, wildlife, and marginalized individuals in need of advocacy. Her passion for making a positive impact extends to her involvement with Launchpad Venture Group, a prominent angel investment network in the United States. In her capacity as a member, Cheryl invests in startup companies that are at the forefront of developing transformative technologies in various domains, including education, clean energy, disaster recovery, human resources, and life sciences.

Cheryl's core belief remains steadfast – that by nurturing a deep sense of self-care, we inherently cultivate a greater capacity to care for others and the world around us. To empower individuals on their own self-care journeys, she offers a range of valuable resources:A free, weekly blog that shares personal stories, valuable resources, and practical advice, available for subscription.

An extensive archive of blogs that cover a wide array of life topics, enabling visitors to access insights on specific areas of interest. Inspiration, resources, and glimpses into her life and travels shared through her active presence on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram (coach on call), and Twitter (coach on call). A collection of books, card decks, audio programs, and more, meticulously designed to facilitate personal growth and learning.

A "Gratitude Gift" initiative where Cheryl selects an individual each week to receive a complimentary book, card deck, DVD, or similar items, fostering a spirit of gratitude and giving.


Occasional workshops and retreats by the sea, providing participants with the space and support needed to lead lives that honor their innermost selves. Cheryl Richardson's dedication to creating a more sustainable and compassionate world resonates with those who share her vision. She extends her support to anyone in need, welcoming inquiries and requests for assistance through her email address,

As a renowned author, Cheryl has penned several New York Times bestselling books, including "Take Time for Your Life," "Life Makeovers," "Stand Up for Your Life," "The Unmistakable Touch of Grace," and her latest release, "The Art of Extreme Self Care." She holds the distinction of being the first president of the International Coach Federation and boasts one of their earliest Master Certified Coach credentials. Cheryl's exceptional contributions to the field of self-improvement earned her the 2000 Motivational Book Award for "Life Makeovers" from Books for a Better Life, an accolade that recognizes outstanding works in the self-improvement genre. Her book "The Unmistakable Touch of Grace" was also selected as a finalist in the Spiritual Inspiration category for Books for a Better Life in 2005.

Beyond her literary achievements, Cheryl Richardson is a highly regarded professional speaker, having crafted and delivered programs to a diverse range of audiences, including universities, Fortune 500 companies, educational conferences, and professional associations. Her work has received widespread media coverage, including appearances on notable shows such as The Today Show, CBS This Morning, New York Times, USA Today, Good Housekeeping, and O Magazine. Cheryl's frequent guest appearances on Good Morning America further highlight her expertise in the realm of self-care and personal development. Notably, she served as the team leader for the Lifestyle Makeover Series on the Oprah Winfrey Show and accompanied Ms. Winfrey on the nationwide tour "Live Your Best Life," cementing her status as a trusted authority in the field.

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