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Failure has many forms. It is stealth, steady, and ever-surprising, with the potential to knock at our doors at any stage of life. But, amidst the ups and downs of life, failures should never define us, but rather it is perseverance and resilience and strong-will that make us who we are. A similar story of Shipra Sharma and her indomitable spirit will inspire us in many ways. 

Shipra did her Masters in Business from Durham (United Kingdom) and currently is a Program Manager, where she is responsible for managing a string of IT projects. Her skills and talents makes space for her in the core technical field, where she is  infusing technology in different walks of life. 

We all have got only one life, and as Shipra says, "The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams". She has always dreamt of participating in a beauty pageant. In her childhood days, she pretended to win the crown, and she had given the winning speech more than 100 times in front of a mirror.

But the courage was missing in her. Her dreams were big, but she was afraid to step out of her comfort zone. But in 2021, something changed, magic happened and she received an internal push to be braver. As such, Shipra decided to participate in the prestigious pageant of Mrs. India International Queen 2021. 

She prepared for the contest with sheer dedication and utmost zeal. Her hard work paid off when she got selected as one of the finalists. She didn't stop there; she made sure to give it all for this contest, her best shot. She worked on her diet, physical strength, mental fitness, and skills. She choose dancing for the talent round, and she had to give a solo performance, which was the first time Shipra was preparing for a solo performance in her life. She was so dedicated to her goal that she gave her best performance every day until the grand finale.

Guess What! She won the crown of the first runner-up, and that was the moment of joy for Shipra when she had a flashback of all her hard work and effort, which paid off. This is a story of courage that a lady took without being afraid of the results.  Shipra always pushed her limits; she also  went down by18 kg after the birth of her baby. To maintain focus and discipline, she took one step at a time and did great at everything.

Shipra says we should always give it back to society, which is why she always tries to contribute in one way or another. She contributes to the World Wildlife Fund, Guide Dogs, The Breast Cancer Research Fund, and Alzheimer's Society. 
Shipra's story inspires us to get up and step out of our comfort zone if we want to achieve something big in life. 
Instagram: @shiprasharma24

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