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Dr.Arathi Arun, is a dental surgeon by profession and an International Power lifting athlete who has won Gold medals and has represented India in International tournaments. In 2019, she has won 5 Gold Medals in Commonwealth Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships held at Canada and 4 Gold Medals in Asian Powerlifting Championship held at Hongkong.  

Dr. Arathi Arun is ever first athlete from TamilNadu, who has received The Best Lifter Strong Women Award (M1) in an Asian championship. She has also won Gold Medals in National Championships, Federation Cup, Tamilnadu State Powerlifting Championships and National Bench press Championships. 

Dr. Arathi Arun has also displayed her outstanding performance in the field of refereeing and she is first Women National Powerlifting Referee from Tamilnadu.

She is also short listed  by BBC for the 20 Best Indian Sports Woman of the Year 2019,  along with sporting  giants like PV Sindhu, Mary Com and Dutee Chand.

She is now selected to represent India at the Asian Powerlifting Championship to be held at Indonesia in December 2020 and also for Asian Bench press championship -2020 under the coaching  of Mr Maya Krishnan.

The Journey: Arathi Arun completed her  BDS degree during the year 1997 and thereafter professionally engaged as a dental surgeon at a Dental clinic in Chennai and married to Dr.A.V.Arun, professor of orthodontics and Chairman of World Dental Conference 2020. Her whole world revolved around her clinic, family, Kids, home.

Her  association with Powerlifting started in the year 2016,when she decided to go to the gym to reduce the excess fat that she had developed after her second pregnancy.There she saw lot of people lifting heavy weights. She got amazed that how they can lift so much weight even when they did not have big muscles like body builders.

She also wished to lift big weights like them, but when  she asked someone there, they said , it’s a men's game and you can’t do since you are a married lady with kids , it need hard training , some reasons like that. But she  was adamant, she wanted to lift. The rod never knows whether it’s a male or female lifting and it will treat all equally only. Then she started watching YouTube Videos on powerlifting , especially lady champions from all around the world .That gave  her such confidence in mind that if they can do it, she can also do it as well.

She was hesitant at first, she felt it involves lot of dedication and also she started at the age of 40. In addition being a mother, a dentist, she thought it was extremely difficult doing the balancing act.But when she asked herself what she has achieved for herself in life. She did not find anything substantial to say. So she decided it was time for her  to do something for herself.

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“All our lives as women, we are always working for someone else, we work for family, we take care of children, we take care of the house, and we are the backbone of the family. But we don’t do anything for ourselves. So I decided I will take up the challenge. I felt age was just a number as long as you have strong will and determination. I know if I did not take it up now, I would repent for it the rest of my life.” says Arathi Arun.


At this stage, she says that if her family  would have not supported her , she would not have reached anywhere.   She used to practice more that 4 to 5 hours every day. There were no holidays. Sometimes she used to think why she took it up, but never ever wanted to give up. Her diet was modified. Absolutely no junk food. She had to undergo lot of pain, but she was totally focused. Her son, Tanishq who is an International Kick Boxer was also her motivator on the days when she was low.

It was pride for her to wear the Indian Tri-Colour Jersey and fly with the Indian Team. She was the only one selected from Tamilnadu  for Asian Powerlifting Championship held at Hongkong. Whole lot of people had the faith in her  and she could not  fail them. She gave her best & won GOLD for India. “For the first time, when I stood on the victory stand and saw our Indian Flag being raised above all flags and our national anthem being played I had goose bumps all over my body. And that one minute made my entire 4 years of training and sacrifice worthwhile.” memorizes  Arathi.

“Achievements will follow us when we have dedication, hard work and motivation along with focus and commitment. I believe for a woman, nothing is impossible, We can make everything possible. We are no longer the weaker sex. Open your wings and fly high in the air because that's where you belong.”articulates  Dr Arathi Arun.

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