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Rinku Shah ( The Fitness Expert)
Behind every successful woman, there is a tribe of many successful women and for Rinku Shah, that's the community she  worked on building. Rinku Shah- Founder of Fitness2Flash: a fitness community of women with 63k + members.

Who even dreamt that a WhatsApp group of just 100 women would turn into such a massive community one day!  But the Mission had remained the same: making a difference and inspiring someone every sin
gle day...And having the honour of being able to do that day in and day out is truly priceless. 

Humble beginnings:
Flashback to a few years ago, when she started her career selling pens, office to office in Mumbai, supporting her family at a young age. After that, the following  16 years of her life were spent working in the hospitality industry.  usually laugh and say that she  has worked pretty much everywhere a human can work : Water (Cruise), Land (Hotels) and Air (Airlines)! 

In Conversation with Lifestyle Magazine
“I started my fitness career 6 years back. What actually got me into fitness was my bad back, which forced me to take charge of my life and stay fit, and trust me, the feeling of overcoming this low time of my life was amazing!! That fueled the fire to reach out and help other women feel the same way too.

Today, realizing that I’ve inspired and changed someone’s life is a fabulous feeling. Social media is a great tool for connecting the world, and I’m fortunate to be able to connect with hundreds of people every single day through my community, Fitness2Flash. It’s always really special when someone comes to me or messages me and lets me know that I have helped them in some way or the other. After all, that’s really what this life is all about. I envision leaving a legacy where women support and uplift each other through fitness and compassion. 
My top 3 tips to anyone starting off would be:
1. Focus on health and not just weight loss.
2. Your only competition is you, so don't waste time comparing yourself to others.
3. Progress tends to be invisible at first. Trust the process and keep pressing forward.

In conclusion, all I want to say is – Enjoy the journey. It’s never easy when you are following your dreams. But  if you always complain and do not enjoy the struggle, you will never get through it. And oh, how I really wanna see you win! So go ahead, Embrace that struggle! It is good..even necessary, and often you learn your best lessons from this period.” .articulates Rinku Shah..
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