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Rajshree Wakade
Mrs. Universe Creative 2022, South East Asia,

Lawyer, Influencer And a Model

on the Cover for March 2023 Worldwide Edition

Cover Story & Interview

Rajshree Wakade is the Winner of Mrs. Universe Creative 2022, South East Asia. She presently lives in Hong Kong and was born and brought up in Hyderabad, India, in a Maharashtrian Brahmin family. 

She is Mrs. Universe Creative 2022, South East Asia which was held at Bulgaria 20232, Brand Ambassador of Hong Kong Mrs.India Worldwide 2019, (Greece), Special Invitee to Asia Film Festival, Hongkong, Special Star jury at Model World Cup Competition Hong Kong 2023, Guest of Honour for Milestone International 2020 in Malaysia, Brand Model at Sense of Click Designer, Hong Kong and  has been featured in many publications and has been the Cover Girl of many magazines of International repute.

Rajshree was a cheerful and a brilliant kid in her childhood. She was passionate about becoming a Lawyer and a Fashion Model at the same time. She graduated with a Bachelor of Law from Hyderabad, India, followed by a  private practice. Later she went to the UK and studied Master of Laws from Preston, and qualified as a Solicitor in England & Wales.

Her life was on the brink of change when her parents introduced her to an Indian-origin Hong Konger. They both got married and decided to settle in Hong Kong. Moving to a different country was tough for her initially, but this brave woman accepted it wholeheartedly. It took time to get used to life in Hong Kong, but it taught her valuable lessons about life.

Life is unpredictable; you never know when a change is lurking around the corner. Hong Kong is a hub for fashion and a vibrant lifestyle, and the people there love everything grand. Rajshree returned to her professional life and started working as a Legal Counsel in a private company. Her family and career kept her busy most of the time, but she had not forgotten her dream of becoming a model.

One day during a family shoot, she was reminded of it. Out of innocent curiosity, she posted her solo pictures on social media. Her charming personality and refreshing beauty were not lost on people, and soon she started getting invitations to beauty pageants. And thus began her journey of becoming a beauty queen.

She represented Hong Kong at Mrs. India Worldwide 2019, Greece, and won the title of Brand Ambassador. Soon, several opportunities came knocking at her doorstep, making her one of the most popular faces in Hong Kong. She was invited as a special guest at numerous beauty and lifestyle events. Rajshree also graced the cover of several magazines.

She might make it look easy, but the truth is it takes an immense amount of hard work, dedication, and sacrifices to achieve any goal in life. She is thankful for the undying support she receives from her family and loved ones and considers her mother her role model.

This beauty queen has a heart of gold and thinks that everyone can achieve their goals by working hard, being truthful, and having confidence in themselves. For a daily dose of inspiration from the life of Rajshree, follow her on:

Exclusive Interview of Rajshree Wakade With Lifestyle Magazine

Lifestyle Magazine>You are a lawyer, beauty queen, mom, wife, how you manage all these roles beautifully ?      
Rajshree>Motherhood taught me handling multi task together. Time management is important and listing out priority. Work life balance is essential for happy family. 

Lifestyle Magazine>What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? 
Rajshree>Live your life before it says GOODBYE. Life is too short to regret. 

Lifestyle Magazine>You are a strong woman, any episode of life that challenged your limits and made you more strong than before?
Rajshree>Honestly, life always teach us at every situation hence it is good for us to learn and be stronger than before. We all go through in life such situations and face challenges but we should accept it and move ahead. 

Lifestyle Magazine>A fit body , fit mind full of gratitude and joy , any secret you would like to share with us ?
Rajshree>Yes, for fit body infact I am planning to write an article on this. Fit body is not only following diet or going to gym but I believe in other way that we should control our food intake just eat how much our body really requires. In that way we can really help society, demand of food will be less and hence prices will be reduced which may turned into huge help for those who can not afford. 
Staying occupied always and do what u like that makes you feel happy...that's very important for fit mind and cheerful life. 

Lifestyle Magazine>You are an inspiration to all the women out there. How does it feel and any message to them?
Rajshree>I am blessed and thankful to God. 
Message to all beautiful women -We all are special creation of God, trust yourself you are a strong, incredible and inspiring woman. 

Lifestyle Magazine>You were being short-listed and selected as a Cover Girl for the Influential Women to look for in 2023 March special edition , how did you feel and how was your experience with team Lifestyle Magazine®️
Rajshree>I am so grateful to Lifestyle Magazine for selecting me a Cover page girl, its like dream come true to be a cover page model for special March 2023 Women Power edition.I would like to express my gratitude to all Lifestyle team for kind and immediate response for my every single message/queries. The best ever magazine LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE.

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