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Every individual should explore themselves irrespective of age or restrictions; it helps us grow and improve. It’s important for individuals to keep trying and exploring your passion and live your life. Priya Bhedi is one of the most compassionate, determined, and dedicated women who never hesitate to explore her passion. 

She was born in Mumbai and had roots in Goa. She is now married and lives with her husband and daughter in the middle east. Her daughter is currently in the last year of her bachelors in biomedical engineering. Since moving out of the country, she wanted to support the community and promote her culture. 

Honesty and sincerity have always been her core values that were seen in her teaching and entrepreneur journey. She is an experienced teacher and entrepreneur with a registered IT company in Qatar “Prish Engibiz Solutions LLC”. Over the years of experience in her field, she learned leadership qualities and developed patience. She wants to promote her sari culture internationally to uplift the community and support the weaving community. 

She is an avid traveller and has travelled across 45 countries to date. For Priya, self-belief, self-esteem, confidence, strength, and inner self matters a lot. Despite winning many beauty pageants, she believes in herself more than outer beauty. She always believed in exploring herself and following her passion. That's what she did. 
She participated in beauty contests and, with her hard work, won beauty pageants. She has won many beauty pageants, including  “Mrs India One in a Million 2022"(classic category) along with being a Mrs Photogenic, Mrs Beautiful Smile and Mrs Beautiful Hair  which was held at Crown Plaza, Delhi, 
organised by Prashant Chaudhari and Swati Dixit and was crowned by the first Mrs World, Dr Aditi Govitrikar. 

Priya has always been a kind, compassionate, and helpful woman for everyone. She worked with dedication to achieve her goals and dreams. She was Vice President of the Indian Women Association in Qatar. Currently, she is a Vice President of the North Indian Association in Qatar and brand ambassador of Bio-Oil. 

Priya proved that if you are dedicated and have self-belief, you can achieve your goals and fulfil your dreams. She is truly an inspiration for young girls to live their life to the fullest. There are obstacles in life, but it's up to you how you want to focus on your life and overcome these hurdles. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours. 
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