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“Every being on this earth is blessed with unique superpowers; the wait is till one discovers them”
Dr. Ketki Kalele Bhokare is a specialist oral oncopathologist and a researcher by profession but a storyteller by heart. She is passionate about working in core research in medicine and allied sciences & has received two copyrights for her discoveries of cells “Atypical lymphocytes” and “cell in cell phenomenon” in dental cysts in the year 2016 and also for discovering a unique cellular change in cancer spread; which was awarded topmost rank in the Asia Pacific dental researches held in Malaysia in the year 2021.

After publishing around 30 research papers  in various research journals and after she got cited as the only one in the world who has worked and discovered the unique cells by one of the worlds topmost scientific journal “Nature”, she recollects the tough times, she  faced when she was failed almost out of blunder or purposed intention by a notorious staff member in her dental school in the same subject. However, the love for oral pathology as a subject kept her boosting.

Being from a small town Amravati, Maharashtra, where there is lack of opportunities for conducting research, she started with her own start-up for research planning, guidance, writing and publishing which is “Neuron Institute of Applied Research” (NIAR), the only start up in research field by a doctor in the zone. The start-up conducts researches in every field and has worked on around 100+ researches and also published few of them in high indexed journals in the field of medicine itself in a very short span.   Dr. Ketki pursued her professional training in research planning, writing and execution when she was diagnosed with a serious pregnancy complication in which she had to take complete bed rest for 9 months. “This phase was taken as opportunity by her, where she could study on editing and writing for around 10 hours a day.”

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