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Donna James - A Keralite Girl hailing from evergreen city Trivandrum who reframed the pageantry holding her motherhood crown in pride and followed her passions. She is the Title winner of Ms Asia United Nation, Mrs India 2021 by Crown Times and subtitled Mrs Multimedia, Winner of India Diva Award 2021, IIWA India Inspirational Woman Award and model for many advertisements and top brands like Jawa motorbikes, Alapatt Jewellers, MI mobiles, Uday Samudra, Bhima Jewellers and many more .

Donna James Achievement & Accolades Includes :
Mrs Trivandrum 2021 First runner up subtitled Beautiful Smile, Won the Youth Icon award 2003 and subtitle for Best rampwalk, Face of Golden Talents title subtitled Beautiful Eyes.

Mrs India by VPR subtitled Fascinating Hair.

Go Glowrious initiative by Times of India,  Model for Bhima jewellers (from 1500 candidates, ranked at top 12 )

Brand ambassador for Crown Times Pageants, Future First .

Member of (IWHM )Indian Women History Museam honouring the successful Indian women.

Associated with Golden Talents as Secretary for a group of celebrities from Mollywood and Tollywood industry comprising of Actors, Movie Directors, Singers, Dancers, Dubbing artists. Associated with Diva Queen pageants seeking the multitalented personalities.

Cover Girl for Diva Planet and a few other magazines.

Backstage coordinator for Millennial pageants regional and national, Product Manager with Exenta solutions, Virtual business secretary for Miami event planners, US. Donna James is also a  successful entrepreneur, founder and owner of Zoogolplex Academy for Arithmetic's for Professional students which she opened for her mother who is a Rtd. Professor in Maths, Govt College of Engineering Tvm (CET) and is a passionate Maths teacher with 30 years of dynamic teaching experience and is successfully running Christina Ladies Hostel accommodating 150 working women and female students in Trivandrum, Kerala.

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In Conversation with Lifestyle Magazine®:
Donna James:“ I strongly believe in woman empowering woman by this venture I am employing the woman struggling for their daily survival. Being a professional degree holder in Bachelor of Technology, ECE and MBA in HR ,my love for providing business solutions reciprocates.I m also currently pursuing Special child education course virtually with Lasalle College, Montreal, Canada with an irresistible goal or dream to start a Special Children Boarding school exclusively for female kids in India.I believe when God feels that you are the strongest who comes out defeating the hardest battles falling across your life, He gives you toughest roles to compete. Being the single mother of autistic child and two other kids I have often felt weak and numb. 

I kept working on my interests diligently because in this society we need to convince at times that I am a good mother too when I achieve my goals. Getting married at a very younger age I dint have anyone to give me proper guidance and support financially to work for what I love and admire. But I invested more time on myself when I knew its time to stand upright and break the castle of false promises.”

Donna worked hard  and stayed consistent to become the crowned accolade in her uniqueness.She kept faith in herself  and created the miracle”!!! 

Donna James strongly believes in the quote by Confucius, " You have two lives. The second one begins when you realize you only have one." She is just waiting to compete internationally as Ms United Nations finalist 2021 and Mrs FTV pageant finalist and Mrs Global by Mrs Kerala espanio events finalist this year and her  Journey continues to be  aspiring to bring out and support the talented youth and greatest love for pageants participation is ceaseless!!

For a daily dose of inspiration from the world of Donna James, Follow her on:

:Donna James (Ms Asia United Nations)  
& Instagram:donnajamie020

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