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Dr. Delmar Denise “Dominique” Peterson is a National and International Queen By  Supermodels Unlimited and is a  United States American Veteran. She earned Veteran status by serving as a Supply Secretary distributing resources to Military Officers; Enlisted Personnel and by serving the country, during a time of war, according to National  Guard military contract for six years. Dr Demar has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Education with a concentration on School Principalship and Administrative Leadership. 


Dr Delmar is  an Illinois School Board of Education licensed instructor certified to teach Psychology, Sociology, and Special Education Classes. She has been a certified public school teacher in three American states including Florida, Arizona and Illinois. She currently works as an International Baccalaureate Middle Grades Special Education Teacher in Chicago, Illinois and  is working on the development of an early childhood and after-school charter program called “Great Expectations."  She has written the draft of a children’s book set which will be her first published volume of creative work.  The literature that Dr Delmar is creating is designed to encourage children to become strong in their spiritual faith and believe in the Almighty God who is known to take special time out to create miracles for children.

Dr Delmar received the gracious honorary offerings of four PhD Degrees in the areas of Ministry, Education, Entrepreneurship Management, and Social Media Leadership with concentrations in Wealth Income Management and Charitable Resource Distribution from McFormalsdale Christian University through the professional concierge assistance of Chancellor Doctor Octavia Mallory and Dr. Catrina Wordlaw, PhD’s h. c. She also received the privilege of having an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Ministerial Education conferred upon her. This honor was given through the Shekinah Glory Theological Seminary which is accredited through the Bible Institute of America.  

In Conversation with Lifestyle Magazine®
Dr Delmar Peterson: “I believe in having and teaching how one can have multiple streams of income.  My Queen’s platform is a strong advocate for purporting entrepreneurial income opportunities and resource distribution on a local and international level.  As a National and International Queen, I support a missionary effort across seas that allow families, women and men to find support and care at a safe haven and resource center called The Master’s Touch Ministries prevalent in North Africa and in the Middle East, led by Dr. Patricia Bailey-Jones.  Dr. Bailey has also created the Jerusalem Eco Village in South Africa for orphaned children which offers them support with safe housing, a health clinic, farming garden, a recycling center, solar energy eco toilets and a product distribution center.    You can follow Dr. Bailey at 

Additionally I believe that if one is given a fish they can eat for a day but if they are taught how to fish they can eat for a lifetime and reproduce that same ability of wealth accumulation in others.  Therefore, I trade on the Forex Market which is the largest financial market in the world that surpasses the value of the stock market (  The forex market is currently a financial asset valued at  $1,934,500,000,000 which is 1.93 Quadrillion in American Currency.  It is the only financial market that runs 24 hours per day and has an average of $220 billion profitable transactions per hour. More than 5 trillion dollars are traded everyday in the forex market. You may ask, “What exactly is a trillion dollars?”  Okay, let’s say if we spent one dollar every second around the clock, it would take us 31,688 years to spend a trillion dollars. With that said, I learned that the US Dollar is the most highly traded currency among a total of 170 other currencies available world-wide.  This is because the US Dollar is part of almost 90% of all global trades transacted. (  

I am open to helping all who follow me on this forex  journey on facebook at Dominique Peterson:dominiqque.peterson or Instagram at dominiqque7 - Delmar “Dominique” Peterson and as your reigning Queen, I pray everyone sees the brilliant manifestation of the pursuit of their goals in this glorious year of our Lord, 2022, the year of the double. “ articulates Dr Delmar Peterson.

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