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Nitin Kaushal, co-founder, Country Delight: remarks  “In India, you will see milk being delivered to the doorstep of the customer on a daily basis. "They realized that the Indian liquid milk market, despite being such a large and old industry, is devoid of any innovation and follows very unscientific practices. For example, at the initial levels of aggregation, most of the milk testing is still done by tasting it. Imagine - the milk delivered to your doorstep is checked on the judgement of someone who has tasted it.”

50 years back, life was very simple. We used to have a cow in our backyard that gave us natural and fresh milk everyday. There was never a need to worry about adulteration since we owned the animal. Today, the milk we consume is either reconstituted /recombined with milk powder or takes days to reach our home post milking which is prone to adulteration.

Started in 2015, Country Delight is a bunch of Engineers and IIM Graduates who aim to bring back the basics of Milk. Country Delight promises natural, fresh and unadulterated milk directly to the doorstep of the consumer. Consumer ordering and servicing happens through a first-of-its-kind mobile application that completely takes away the hassle of managing ones milk requirements. “We saw a clear problem to solve, a huge industry to tap into and a sustainable business model that we could scale using technology.”


The Natural Sweetness of Cow Milk

Cow Milk: A glass of milk may become your kid's favourite drink with Country Delight Cow Milk. The natural sweetness of  cow's milk is the hallmark of purity and becomes an instant favourite among kids. Moreover, Country Delight  sources milk from a mix of Desi Gir cows, desi Sahiwal cows, crossbred Holstein & Jersey cows directly from the farmers, run it through 70 stringent tests for impurities and toxins and deliver it to you within 24-36 hours of milking.No preservatives, no milk powder or cream is added to the milk and the milk is not recombined in any form. Country Delight delivers the milk under the best cold chain right up to your doorstep.

Health benefits: The milk you receive has an abundance of Vitamin D, B, B12, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and amino acids - a combination of powerful nutrients essential for the development of your mind and body.

Buffalo Milk:The Rich Creaminess of Buffalo Milk. If you are a person who loves the purest and creamiest milk from the countryside, Country Delight Buffalo Milk is the right product for you! The protein-rich milk you receive every morning is sourced from Murrah Buffaloes, directly procured from farmers. Then it is  tested  for toxins and impurities before delivering it to you within 24-36 hours of milking. No preservatives, no milk powder or cream are added to the milk and it is not recombined in any form. The company  delivers  milk under the best cold chain right upto your doorstep.

Health benefits: A glass of buffalo milk everyday is a wholesome source of Calcium which is crucial for bone strength. It contains Potassium that stabilizes blood pressure and boasts of other essential minerals as well.

Ghar Jaisa Dahi :  
Every Scoop Tastes Like Home
Country Delight Ghar Jaisa Dahi is a product that we have made in collaboration with thousands of Country Delight moms. Understanding the age-old practice of Dahi making at home, Country Delight worked further on it to set the richest, creamiest and tastiest Dahi that every family would love to consume.

Every scoop of our Dahi is 100% natural, made from pure cow milk and delivered to your doorstep within 36 hrs from milking.

Health benefits: Regular consumption of our Ghar Jaisa Dahi enhances immunity and improves digestion.


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