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It all started with Vivek and Shubhra’s love for travel & collecting souvenirs. In 2010 they founded Chumbak (Ch-oom-buck) - it means a Magnet in Sanskrit)- in Bangalore, with the idea of designing fun souvenirs & collectibles inspired by India. Since then, Chumbak has grown into a globally inspired lifestyle brand, creating joyful products in categories across home décor, fashion, accessories, and personal care, all designed to brighten up your living space, your office, and your wardrobe. The products & designs are inspired by cultures and art forms from around the world, blended with a fun, colorful, and modern aesthetic that is joyful and uplifting. Everything created at Chumbak is true to  5 brand pillars of Wit, Warmth, Honesty, Spontaneity & Community.

Customer is creative, positive and confident”
Always striving for a little extra from every moment, she isn’t intimidated by colour, her home is an extension of her personality; she is comfortable in a warm cocoon of friends. To her, Chumbak is both a joyful expression and a seamless extension of her lifestyle. At the core of it all is our painstaking attention to detail in design and quality in each of our lovingly crafted products - and Chumbak promise to keep it that way !Check  out at one of  70 + exclusive brand stores, on leading. e-commerce sites, and of course, on

Chumbak was started with an initial amount of Rs 45 lakh, which its founders raised by selling their house in 2010. Name lifestyle products - bags, phone covers, key chains, wallets, etc - that are colorful and attractive and chances are you will find these at Chumbak, the Bangalore-based products start-up. 

The start-up has strong visibility, both online and offline - at its exclusive stores and multi-brand outlets.

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