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Founded in 1910 by Coco Chanel, Chanel is a French luxury high-fashion company. Women's ready-to-wear clothing, upscale items, and accessories are all part of the brand's product line. The company is currently owned by Alain Wertheimer and Gérard Wertheimer, who are the descendants of Pierre Wertheimer, a former business associate and Chanel co-founder. The fashion house is renowned for its Chanel No. 5 fragrance.

Gabrielle Bonheur, "Coco" Chanel, was a French entrepreneur and fashion designer. She is well-known for founding the illustrious company, Chanel. She was born on August 19, 1883 in Saumur, France. The Sisters of Providence's charity hospital employed Eugénie Jeanne Deville, also known as Jeanne, as a laundry worker. Her father operated a clothing and underwear stand on the street. Coco's mother died at age 32 when she was 11 years old. She didn't go to school, nor did her three sisters or two brothers. While the girls were taken to the convent of Aubazine, which managed an orphanage, the father hired the males as agricultural labourers to work on the family's land.

Locating Chanel :At 160 Boulevard Malesherbes, the ground floor of the Parisian apartment of socialite and businessman Étienne Balsan, whom she was the mistress of, Coco launched a millinery shop in 1909. The House of Chanel was founded at this location. The Balsan apartment doubled as a club for French sports royalty. Coco was given the opportunity to show her artwork to these wealthy, fashionable women.She started offering them the hats she had designed and produced so she could support herself.

Recognisable brand designs:In 1918, Coco owned a sizable dress store close to the Hotel Ritz in Paris. The styles offered in the stores included skirt-and-jacket suits, straight-line linen skirts, sailor blouses, and long sweaters made of jersey fabric.

Designer Suit 
To go with the suit of garments, Coco Chanel hired the perfumer Ernest Beaux to develop a fragrance for La Maison Chanel in 1921. One of his scents was No. 5, so named because it was the sample that Coco liked the most. No. 5 de Chanel was initially given as a present to brand customers. The firm began selling the perfume at retail in 1922 due to its popularity.

Afterwards, Coco

After establishing a subsidiary firm in 1997 to foster artisanal manufacture and bring together Ateliers d'Art, Chanel introduced the Chance perfume and Paraffection in 2002. A prêt-à-porter line was created by Karl Lagerfeld. In July 2002, a jewellery and watch store opened on Madison Avenue. A shoe and bag business sprang up next door in a short period of time. By December 2002, Chanel had 25 stores operating within the US, having continued to grow there. The company launched Coco Mademoiselle and "In-Between Wear" in 2003 with a focus on appealing to younger ladies.

Maureen Chiquet took over as CEO in 2007. Up until her termination in 2016, she continued to serve as the CEO. Chanel stated in 2018 that its worldwide headquarters would move to London. It was stated in December of that same year that fur and exotic skins would no longer be included in the company's collections.

Chanel developed its distinctive fashion character and maintained total modernity by imitating avant-garde artistic creations. When compared to other fashion labels, the company stands out because it uses more art references from the past and uses digital media to make avant-garde fashion more accessible to a wider audience.

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