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Carlie Bass Gintoli, Ms.Great Britain World will be competing for the Ms. World title in the starting months of 2021 .Carlie Gintoli’s current International  Campaign is to Prevent Bullying which has been a three-year project; where she has raised thousands of donations to the nonprofit organizations. Pacer’ (Ms. Gintoli nonprofit organization that she supports). She is working with the public to raise awareness of the importance of accepting others with their differences! 

Carlie Bass Gintoli, being born and raised in the United State of America is the granddaughter, of one of Florida’s oldest families in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. On Carlie‘s father side, she is the oldest granddaughter, and her grandmother was Agnes Staff. The Staff family was one of the founding families of the area.  Historical family on Mother’s side: Stewart – Direct Blood Line to Mary Queen of Scot’s. They purchased and ran the oldest Hotel in Ft. Walton Beach, dating back to 1909. The Gulf View Hotel which is a historical site and just celebrated the donation of the Hotel to the State of Florida. Florida Museum and Welcome Center, located in downtown Fort Walton Beach, the grand opening was on  May 9, 2019. The building has all original floor-plans and none of the rooms have been changed.  

Carlie Gintoli’s Accomplishments and Awards Include:

Carlie Gintoli- Ms. Great Britain World 2020. With the Ms. World Pageant. The Pageant which will take place in Las Vegas, USA.

Former: MS FLORIDA 2019, Ms. Florida 2018, Ms. Florida State 2016 , Ms. America Pageant .

Ms. Northwest Florida 2016, 2015 United State Pageant.

Most Photogenic 2018, Women of Distinction 2019 & 2018.

3 Gold Presidential Award of Outstanding Volunteer Services Performed  in 2019,2018 & 2016, Letter from the White House 2016 • Excellent 
Outstanding Services Preformed!-Letter of recommendation!
Letter from the White House Outstanding Serves, Ms. America Pageant. 1st Gold Presidential Medial for outstanding Volunteer Services Performed in  2016.
Carlie Gintoli traveled through Africa, President of the United State elect in group ‘People To People ! The mission was to deliver medicine, and food to the starving children of Africa. They were over 100 individuals that were chosen because of their field Doctors, Generals, Lieutenant Colonel, and various other special groups. Mission to do humanitarian, and work and help establish a rapport with the leaders of Africa. Mission over 30 days.

Carlie Bass Gintoli.jpg

A Master Councilor Life Coach studying the Dr. Hammond! The America Academy of Hypo-therapy, Las Vegas Nevada!

Carlie Gintoli is also Marketing Educator at University of Alabama, Master counselor for anger management through Anderson & Anderson based in California! over 20 years. 

Places lived:  London, England, Puerto Rico, Texas, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Jacksonville, Florida, Louisiana and Alabama, NYC and Travel in every state in America! 

Carlie Gintoli believes in compassion  for all around her and that kind of beauty enflames the heart and enchants the soul. Kudos to the  beautiful queen for working towards the International  Campaign  to Prevent Bullying and spreading the importance of accepting others with their differences.

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