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Graciëlla Scholtes also known by her artist name Miisz Gracie is well  known in Holland as a singer/songwriter actress and successful model. Graciëlla was born and raised in Holland. She is half Indian and half Dutch. Her father is Dutch and her mother is  from India. She studied Fashion - design MBO 4 and graduated from school at 21. 

Miisz Gracie started her modelling career at a very young age. She did her first photoshoot at 16 and soon after that she started as a model & actress and built her up from small roles to several big roles in a lot of music videos for different artists, one of them was the music video for the famous artist Apache Indian, but her biggest passion was to become a singer herself to perform, dance and make her own music, because as a little girl she always had a huge passion for singing. Very soon she got the chance to act in one of the episodes for the Bollywood TV show Aye Dile Nadaan with the famous actor Monjoy Mukerji and after that she also got the chance to act in a Bollywood/Dutch movie in Holland. 

Miisz Gracie did photoshoots for music cd covers for a well known radio station in Holland which is called Slam FM, she is a branding  face for the makeup brand L.A. Colors, posed for a famous lingerie brand called Sapph lingerie which has billboards along the highway and for a shoe store in Holland called “Shoe Outlet.” There is one outstanding modelling photo that became a huge success all around the world and has more than 500 publications worldwide! (the modelling photo where she is biting on a red shoe) She has been on many  flyers, magazines, billboards, t-shirts, cd covers, bags, makeup packages, books, websites, spotted in a few tv-shows and even publicated on a motor and  also been the COVERGIRL for many reputed magazines all around the world. 

Soon she finally took the step to follow one of her big dream which is singing and got the chance with an amazing team around her to make her dream true by releasing her first single and music video “Shake The Room” in october 2017 which was even written by herself. Later she organized her first single release party for her second single and music video called “Playdoll” and released that one in April 12, 2019. After that she started to perform more on stage for different events, but one of her favorite performance was to perform her two singles playdoll and shake the room in a football stadion Patro Eisden in Belgium! In August 2019 she proudly received her first title as Miss Heritage Global the Netherlands 2019. She represented her country the Netherlands at the Miss Heritage Global 2019 pageant that took place in Ghana. 


Miisz Gracie also decided to start a charity to contribute, so she collected a lot of toys together and got support from another charity (Ghana over de IJsel) who eventually sent it out to Ghana for the children that has less. In November 2019 Miisz Gracie proudly released her third single and music video. This song was also written by herself called “Haunting me like a Ghost” which was an inspiration by true events. Being very driven, creative and having visions in her mind. She made all of her ideas coming true for her first three music videos. 

Facebook:Miisz Gracie, Instagram:Miisz_Gracie,
Twitter Miisz Gracie.

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