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Founded on a century-old legacy of brilliance and trust, A S Motiwala Fine Jeweller has reimagined jewellery for modern tastes and times with a groundbreaking extension named 'Faith'. Guided by the visionary Ashraf Motiwala, Managing Director at A S Motiwala, this establishment combines heritage, innovation, and contemporary flair to redefine luxury.

The Genesis: The saga began in 1905 with A. L. Motiwala, an enterprising individual who established himself as a renowned Basra Pearl and Diamond dealer. His rare artistry garnered the attention of the British and India's Princely States, earning the family name "Motiwala." A tradition of exquisite craftsmanship and client connections was set in motion.

Evolution Through Decades:In 1950, Abdul Kader Motiwala initiated the retail business, restoring and enhancing the brand. A tireless pursuit of quality, transparency, and community involvement led to notable recognitions, including the Indira Gandhi Excellence Award. In 1970, A.S Motiwala emerged, led by Abdus Samad Motiwala, who ventured into the international market, winning accolades for exports.

A New Era: 2002:Transitioning into the 4th generation, Ashraf Motiwala, armed with a GIA education, revolutionized the fine jewellery landscape. From mining to crafting, he translated heritage into bespoke masterpieces. He melded tradition with modernity, setting the benchmark for quality while upholding the family's ethics.

Flagship Triumph: 2012:Under Ashraf Motiwala's guidance, the brand soared to new heights. The launch of the flagship store marked the pinnacle of this journey. A S Motiwala earned the title of "India's Coolest Store" in 2018 for its trendsetting innovations, quality, and contemporary designs.

Faith: A Testament to Empowerment:In 2018, Faith emerged as Ashraf's brainchild—a tribute to strong women and their boundless potential. With the finesse of bespoke modern design, Faith embodies A S Motiwala's core values—trustworthiness, craftsmanship, and value. This collection captures the essence of contemporary women, seamlessly fitting into every facet of their lives.

Online Triumph: 2021:In response to the pandemic, Faith ventured online, embracing a new era of accessibility. The e-commerce platform allows patrons worldwide to celebrate life's moments with A S Motiwala's best offerings, embodying the brand's commitment to service and luxury.

The Ever-Evolving Legacy: A S Motiwala Fine Jeweller encapsulates a century of excellence, innovation, and trust. Through its diverse chapters and visionary leadership, it continues to craft timeless stories of elegance and beauty, leaving an indelible mark on the world of fine jewellery.

72, Manek Manor, Hill Road, Bandra West Mumbai, Maharashtra, Mumbai, India, Maharashtra
070451 54515

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