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Gaur Gopaldas, a monk with a profound journey spanning twenty-three years, invites visitors to explore the depths of the human experience through his unique perspective. 

Over the years, Gaur Gopaldas has dedicated his life to the pursuit of understanding essential aspects of the human condition. These facets include relationships, happiness, and purpose, all of which he has delved into as a practicing monk. He acknowledges that the path he treads is not an everyday one, and he values the opportunity to share his insights and wisdom.

Gaur Gopaldas has evolved into a multifaceted individual, encompassing roles such as a storyteller, life coach, author, and a friend to a vast community of followers on social media platforms. His dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of others is evident in his content, which has garnered an impressive 500 million views. His primary mission is to create a meaningful difference in the lives of those he touches.One of Gaur Gopaldas's notable contributions has been as a keynote speaker. He began by sharing his wisdom with students at some of Mumbai's most prestigious colleges. However, as these students matured and embarked on their journeys to reshape the world, they sought his guidance in their professional lives. This transition led to partnerships with renowned institutions and corporations, including Google, Salesforce, the Bombay Stock Exchange, CII (Confederation of Indian Industry), and YPO (Young Presidents' Organization), among others.

He has embraced these opportunities to share his wisdom and insights, serving as a source of inspiration and guidance for countless individuals and organizations. His keynote addresses resonate with audiences seeking transformative experiences and a deeper understanding of life'sintricate tapestry.


Despite his extensive accomplishments and recognition, Gaur Gopaldas remains grounded in his mission to add value to the lives of others. He considers this to be the greatest reward of his life's journey. Throughout his endeavors, he has consistently and humbly acknowledged the kindness of those who have recognized his efforts. Gaur Gopaldas's commitment to making a difference continues to be the driving force behind his work, inspiring countless individuals to embark on their own paths of self-discovery and personal growth.

Address: L.N.H.O., Radhagopinath Mandir, 7 K.M. Munshi Marg, 400007
Mobile 082680 50000

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