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In October 2019, the world glimpsed the indomitable spirit of Shree Saini, a Punjab-born dynamo, when she earned a spot in Miss World America, setting the stage for a potential journey to Miss World 2020. Poised for success, Shree, a University of Washington graduate, had already secured five out of six awards in the competition. However, fate took a challenging turn when, just hours before the final night of competition, she collapsed backstage in her stunning blue evening gown, necessitating immediate hospitalization.

What many didn't realize at that critical moment was Shree's remarkable journey as a multiple-trauma survivor.


Having undergone the installation of a pacemaker at the tender age of 12, she also bears the mark of a burns survivor. Undeterred by adversity, Shree, at 23, exemplifies resilience and determination. As a motivational speaker and a visiting student at prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, and Yale Universities, Shree's story is one of overcoming odds. Her journey extends beyond borders, with invitations to address audiences about her life experiences and share messages of resilience and kindness in over 8 countries and 30 states within the United States.


In the years leading up to her participation in Miss World America, Shree dedicated herself to volunteer work with various charitable foundations, embodying the ethos of 'beauty with a purpose.' This theme, synonymous with Miss World, reflects in her commitment to service projects that uplift communities and bring about meaningful change.

Shree's dreams transcend conventional notions of beauty, as she envisions making a substantial impact through her role as Miss World. Inspired at the age of 5 by the ability of Miss World contestants to uplift entire communities through service projects, she embarked on a journey of creating positive change in her own community.

At the heart of Miss World is the concept of 'beauty with a purpose,' a guiding principle that raises millions each year for humanitarian projects globally. For Shree, serving others and inspiring them is not just a personal commitment; it's a responsibility. Her unwavering belief is that shining with enthusiasm and serving others with love defines 'beauty with a purpose.'

In the current year, Shree continues her mission, reaching out to new non-profits and creating opportunities to serve, cementing her legacy as a beacon of strength, compassion, and purposeful beauty.

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