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In a world where everyone is seeking luck, Richa Rai became the one who created her own luck. When she was 15, she was told by an astrologer that her birth chart is below average and she will live a medicore life. Well, here we are, on the cover of India’s leading magazine defying all the odds of her stars and becoming the queen she has always dreamt of becoming. Originally hailing from a small village, 100 kms away from the city of Nagpur, she picked Indore city to turn her dreams into reality and moved here solo at a very young age. During those times, living alone for a girl wasn’t even a thing, it was
a daring ask.

She has always been an independent spirit and never missed an opportunity to let it soar the skies. With her knowledge of astrology and business driven mindset,
she was able to set an example for thousands of young woman in Indore. She started her first venture, at the age of 20 and since then, she has continued to tick her dream check-list one by one, as per her own set timeline.


She started working even before graduating, she’d saved enough to invest in a taxi rental business, along with becoming its sole woman director. As a woman, it's difficult to take such decisions without upsetting your family. But standing proud on her own two feet was crucial for her. Then, she explored more business prospects; thus, hustling before hustling became a cool hashtag.

She started building her own world, brick by brick defying the stars by learning more about them. As she learned to handle the ups and downs of the business world, real astrology happened, she stumbled upon the Jahanvi Soni Neema institute, and it changed her life forever! Had she paid more attention, she wouldn’t have made the mistakes she made in the past. But that’s how life teaches you, right It was her childhood dream to be a beauty queen, she used to visualize herself wearing the crown but missed her chance at signing up for Miss India which was her road to Miss World. Grateful to the universe, she participated in Mrs. India Inc. to finally turn her another dream into reality of becoming a queen of hearts. And, she ended up winning the title ‘queen of happiness'...which truly definesher.


She is a living proof that unadulterated passion and perseverance will take you wherever you want to go.

“If you have a destination in mind and the passion to pursue it, it doesn’t matter where you come from.

”Today, Richa Rai is a title winner, model, counselling astrologist with 10 years of experience and a proud owner of a franchise of Cakes n’ Craft ready to adopt a baby girl, another dream she had from a young age to take resposnblity of someone who was left alone in this world. So, dear world. Be prepared, because Richa Rai’s quest for life is not over yet, she coming to conquer you!

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