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In an ever-evolving world, womankind always acts as the catalyst for positive, influential change. One such woman working towards bringing positive change in the  society is Pooja Gangyan. With a Chemical Engineering degree from Punjab University and a Six Sigma Master Black certification from Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi, Pooja Gangyan is not only well equipped with knowledge but she  is active in many other fields of interest like yoga, fitness and beauty. 

Pooja is the crown winner of Mrs. India Vivacious 2020 and Mrs. India International Queen 2020 – 1st RU. It is totally true to  say that Pooja Gangyan wears multiple hats effortlessly  with pride and elegance.

The Journey: Pooja Gangyan, born and brought up in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, had big dreams since childhood and has achieved them with her dedication and consistency. She gives credit for her achievements to her family. It is their constant motivation and push that has encouraged and enabled her to reach her goals and more in life.

A sign of extra-ordinary people is that they are never satisfied with what they have achieved and always want to achieve more.  She aspires to contribute more to the society in all and every way possible. Such brilliant and altruistic qualities have been imbibed in her by her hardworking, selfless mother who always believed in helping under-privileged people around her.


She has been associated with Mrs. India International Queen for a long time to work on social causes like personal hygiene for women, distribution of sanitary napkins and period awareness, skill awareness for women etc. She moreover constantly wants to outdo herself and wants all her experience and achievements to teach, guide and prepare aspirants for beauty pageants and wants to ensure that women are empowered all around her.


Her shiny list of associations does not end here as well as she is also associated with Rotary International where she is involved in humanitarian activities like Women and Children healthcare, disease prevention and treatment, sanitation and cleanliness.In tough times, when people were bound to their homes, active Pooja decided  not to rest and used her knowledge in Yoga to heal people from home. She also kick-started grooming lessons that includes personal styling, makeover techniques, model etiquettes, body shape analysis, nutrition and fitness for ladies and personality development classes to help women gain confidence and achieve new heights. One can truly say that Pooja Gangyan  is a tireless, amazing woman that believes in giving back the maximum back to the society she lives in. For a daily dose of inspiration, from the world of Pooja Gangyan, follow her 

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