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Korina Emmerich has built her Brooklyn NY based brand, 'EMME Studio', on the backbone of Expression, Art, and Culture. Leading the charge to embrace art and design as one and weaving it into her brand story.  Originally from the Pacific Northwest, her colorful work is known to reflect her patrilineal Indigenous heritage from The Coast Salish Territory, Puyallup tribe.

​With a strong focus on social and climate justice while speaking out about industry responsibility and accountability: Emmerich works to expose and dismantle systems of oppression and exploitation in the fashion industry to challenge colonial ways of thinking. She is a special advisor for The Slow Factory Foundation and is a speaker and panelist at global conferences discussing: slow fashion, sustainability, dismantling white supremacy, environmental racism, climate and social justice. 

She Also  works as a Community Organizer within the Brooklyn-based Indigenous Kinship Collective, a community of Indigenous women, femmes, and gender non-conforming people who gather on Lenape land to honor each other and our relatives through art, direct action, education, and representation. ​Items are handmade in  Brooklyn, New York studio located on occupied Lenapehoking. Key items are made from upcycled, recycled, and all-natural materials giving respect to the life cycle of a garment from creation to bio degradation. 

“Be kind, be helpful, be sharing” articulates, Korina Emmerich.


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