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Dr. Priyanka Abhishek ,Aesthetic dentist by profession, beauty Queen by passion. Winner of MRS INDIA KARNATAKA 2019 with the title: MRS INDIA GLAMOUR QUEEN . She is a not just a pretty face, she is a multitalented woman . A 3D cake artist , glue glitter artist ,dancer, sportsman who  has represented the her state in national level high board diving . 

She is also a mother of two beautiful daughters , aira and veera . Who are seven and three respectively. 

In Conversation with Lifestyle Magazine®
“I always wanted to be in a pageant , always dreamt of wearing a crown since my childhood . I couldn’t compete in Miss India as I gave my education a priority , but kept the fire burning .
I believe hard work plus passion can help you attain the  highest level of achievement .


I believe  in taking first step towards whatever goal you want to achieve is very important and the journey begins . My motto is to never give up . I am going to make use of this title to empower other woman . Real queen fix each others crown and I m very  passionate about saving the  environment. I will work towards the betterment of the Mother Earth , will participate in more environmental related organisations, swachh bharth ,green revolutions  etc .Being a woman is itself a achievement !  Women can achieve anything if she sets a goal . 

My family is everything to me . My husband , children , parents and sister all have helped me selflessly in my journey . Mrs india pageant is like training grounds for women from all backgrounds and culture to gain confidence and believe in themselves. Mrs Deepali phadnis and Mrs Prathiba saunshimath are two amazing women who gave me this platform to reinvent myself and will be representing Karnataka in upcoming MRS India pageant . 

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