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​Sleepy Owl started brewing back in 2016, when three friends who shared the same vision came together to change the coffee game. Their vision was pretty simple, they wanted to introduce people to really good coffee and make it accessible to everyone. They started with one product - the Cold Brew Box, in one city. Today, Sleepy Owl has over 30 distinct coffees, exclusive merchandise and accessories, that are delivered all over India. Sleepy Owl coffee has become a staple in many homes today.

The founders went on a recce, received the first samples and started brewing coffee in their own kitchens. They had to get the perfect ratios figured out before creating the final brew. After trials and sampling, the cold brew was invented. Sleepy Owl took part in many events at the time because each event was an opportunity to take our product to our fellow coffee lovers out there.

Fully charged up on Sleepy Owl coffee and a vision to grow, they took more steps towards success in 2018 and 2019 and raised a lot of money through seed funding and started 2018 on a high note. This helped them take their coffee to all the homes across India. After getting an overwhelming response to  Cold Brew Coffee, things started getting hot, making way for  Hot Brew Bags. Next came ,ready to drink cold brew bottles. Each day was about being better than the day before, and so they hustled, but not without celebrating every milestone. Gearing up for the future was the first task on their agenda.

The Ever Growing Range Of Coffee
Sleepy Owl has a excitingly wide range of coffee available today and plan to keep that growing. Along with  hot brews and cold brews, that come in easy to use brew bags, they have delicious ground coffee which is available in different types of grinds. French press and brew kits have all the equipment you need to make our ground coffee just the way you like it.


The Sleepy Owl cold coffee cans and iced coffee bottles are ready made coffees that are perfect for when you’re on-the-go and want to beat the heat. They also come in a variety of flavours to choose from.

South Indian filter coffee comes in different forms. Apart from the instant coffee variant Sleepy Owl has filter coffee powder, and a brewer that can be used to brew the perfect cup, and filter coffee brew bags that are easy to make and taste absolutely amazing and come in three different flavours - Classic Kaapi, Madras Blend and Deccan Express. The specially created Sleepy Owl merchandise has also grown to become a crowd favorite over the years. Whether it’s our travel mug, ceramic mug, coffee frother, tumbler or pitcher - they’ve all made their way into our customers’ lifestyles and kitchens.

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Buy Sleepy Owl Coffee Online
Sleepy Owl coffee is exclusively made from Grade A coffee because the company  believes that a cup of coffee is ultimately only as good as the beans used to brew it. 100% Arabica beans are carefully sourced from South India and make coffee all the more special. coffee is roasted in small batches to maintain a high standard of flavor and our signature taste. It’s delivered fresh as we seal every coffee as soon as it's roasted and ground perfectly.

 After a lot of research, we have created packaging that doesn’t have any plastic in it.  Packs are made with paper and aluminum and are 100% recyclable.

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