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In the heart of Nagpur, a remarkable woman has been silently rewriting her story, proving that age is no barrier to chasing one's dreams and making an impact in the world. Rachana Manoj Motghare who is a 41-year-old powerhouse, and an exemplar of determination, resilience, and the unwavering spirit of women empowerment. Rachana's journey began in the rural expanse of Chandrapur district in Maharashtra, where she was brought up. At the tender age of 21, she took on the responsibilities of matrimony and motherhood, firmly believing that her education had reached its final chapter. She embraced her role as a full-time housewife and dedicated mother, cherishing her son Arnav's early years.

However, the fire of ambition within Rachana never dimmed. Her mother's motivation and her husband's unwavering support led her to rekindle her educational pursuits. She embarked on a journey of learning and self-improvement, enrolling in a Bachelor of Education program, followed by a Master of Education degree.Not content with her academic accolades & achievements, Rachana pushed further and passed the Ph.D. entrance exam, immersing herself in research work. Simultaneously, she became a dedicated teacher at a CBSE school, impacting young minds with her passion for education. Rachana's remarkable journey took a fascinating turn when she started her own car garage, a unique venture in a predominantly male-dominated industry. Her entrepreneurship thrived, and she has been running her successful car garage for seven years now, breaking stereotypes and proving that women can excel in any field.The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic inspired Rachana to explore yet another avenue.

She launched her Saree blog on Instagram, under the handle @rachana4manoj. Her husband, Dr. Manoj, played a pivotal role in motivating and supporting her every step of the way. The response to her blog was overwhelming, amassing over 50,000 followers and attracting collaborations with renowned companies.Her journey didn't stop there. Rachana transitioned from sarees to fashion and became a successful content creator and Instagram influencer, showcasing her versatile talents and fashion sense.

Balancing her entrepreneurial and digital endeavours, Rachana continued teaching at a school and junior college. In 2022-23, Rachana's remarkable journey reached new heights when she earned the titles of Mrs.Photogenic and Mrs. Dazzling Diva. Encouraged by her husband, she participated in Mrs. India and achieved the prestigious title of Mrs. Divine Face of India 2023. 


Upon passing her Ph.D. entrance exam, Rachana began her research work. However, life had more in store for her, as her husband was also pursuing his Ph.D. Balancing motherhood, a job, household responsibilities, and research surveys proved to be an immense challenge. She made the difficult decision to temporarily step away from her research aspirations, choosing instead to support her husband in achieving his academic goals. Nevertheless, Rachana's dream of completing her Ph.D. still burns brightly within her heart.During the lockdown, Rachana welcomed Alexa, a female golden retriever, into her life. This furry companion ignited her passion for pets and led her to actively save and aid stray dogs. She has future plans to extend her support to stray cats and dogs. Furthermore, Rachana delved into Reiki Meditation, completing levels 1 and 2, and began practising this healing technique. The practice provided her with inner strength and relaxation, transforming her into a powerhouse of positive energy.

In her conversation with a Lifestyle Magazine, Rachana encourages women to explore entrepreneurship, regardless of their financial status, as it fosters confidence and economic independence. Through her Instagram page, she tirelessly supports small businesses and startups. She firmly believes that age is just a number, having entered the world of modeling at 40 and becoming Mrs. India at 41. Rachana Motghare's inspiring message is clear: be unstoppable, cherish life, and pursue your dreams, for age should never be a barrier to achieving greatness. Rachana's future aspirations include competing for the titles of Mrs. Universe or Mrs. International, proving that her dreams and determination know no bounds. She embodies the virtues of discipline, self-belief, and seizing opportunities, serving as an inspiration to women around the world.

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