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Palace Jewellers:  A Timeless Legacy of Dedication and Excellence In 1982, a seismic shift graced the landscape of jewelry, driven by the vision of Mr. Pardeep Mittal. Embarking on his maiden voyage, he birthed "Palace Jewellers" within the vibrant confines of Main Sarafan Bazar in Ludhiana. Casting aside formal education at the tender age of 18, he embraced the world of toil and enterprise.


Fueled by boundless commitment, he chiseled a path of unparalleled diligence. A symphony of trust enveloped him as those around him recognized his unwavering dedication, often extending their hands to bolster his journey. After two decades of reigning supreme as the sovereign of jewelers, the crown transited to a new domain, College Road, in 2002.

Pardeep Mittal, a gem of a person at heart, is perpetually devoted to philanthropy. He presently presides as the President of Rama Charitable Hospital, Ludhiana, a role that mirrors his commitment to societal well-being. An unwavering belief that blessings from people paved his path is etched in his psyche. Today, his name resounds as a celebrated luminary, a testament to divine grace. With a wealth of 42 years' experience and a legacy etched in transparent transactions, Palace Jewellers has assumed the mantle as the epitome of coveted jewelry destinations.

Their journey has been propelled by parental blessings, propelling them towards unparalleled heights. With the able support of his son, Pankush Mittal, and the introduction of the "Aurea" brand, a new zenith of excellence beckons in the jewelry realm. The resolute commitment to a buyback guarantee stands as a pillar of their integrity, fostering unwavering faith amongst patrons. Purity and quality are their bedrock, each piece hallmarked and certified, reflecting their enduring commitment to their cherished clientele.


A Commitment to Unparalleled Excellence:The essence of Palace Jewellers has invariably been an unwavering dedication to infuse each creation with excellence and virtue.


This ethos is underpinned by their steadfast commitment to providing products that epitomize beauty and cater to the aesthetic aspirations of their patrons with unclouded clarity and unequivocal dedication. 


Founder's Vision: Pardeep Mittal: The vision of Mr. Pardeep Mittal encapsulates a profound respect for ethics, craftsmanship, and heritage. This vision stands as the vanguard, seamlessly marrying age-old traditions with innovative concepts, creativity, and cutting-edge technology. As Palace Jewellers ventures into the realm of creativity, Mr. Mittal envisions a horizon punctuated by a new threshold of brilliance for both the brand and the industry at large.

A Future Bridging Tradition and Innovation: Palace Jewellers thrives as a testament to a legacy of brilliance and unwavering integrity. This amalgamation of tradition and innovation underpins their commitment to elevating benchmarks within the jewelry domain. As they navigate the path of creativity, Palace Jewellers envisages a panorama illuminated by unparalleled craftsmanship, radiant gemstones, and unyielding values.Nestled at the juncture of tradition and innovation, Palace Jewellers emerges as an emblem of excellence, poised to redefine the jewelry landscape and etch an indelible presence in the annals of luxury and craftsmanship. With their gaze fixed on an expansive horizon, the brand embraces its role as a torchbearer, illuminating the path for others to follow, and exemplifying a synergy of heritage and cutting-edge brilliance.

(Pardeep Mittal Group)
545, 1, Government College Rd,
Civil Lines, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001

+91- 9799 88884
   0161 44 11224
   0161 44 11228 

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