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Licious is a meat and seafood company situated in Bengaluru. The business offers the best fish, chicken, meat, and eggs online. They are also all fresh and hygienic. Licious uses a farm-to-fork business model and controls the full cold chain and back-end supply network. Their app also has a distinct recipe area. It assists customers in creating delectable meals. teaches the unique style of the chef as well. Some of the places where it works are Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi-NCR, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Coimbatore, Pondicherry, Jaipur, Kochi, Vizag, Kolkata, and Vijayawada.


The Startup Story of Licious 
Vivek Gupta, who was then employed by Helion Ventures, was contacted by Abhay Hanjura to investigate the delivery of fresh meat and seafood in India. Despite the fact that 73% of Indians consume meat and fish, the sector is mostly unorganized. Meat is the only brand that is excluded from the 2000–3000 distinct products that an ordinary Indian household consumes (well, almost). More than 95% of India's fresh meat and seafood sector is unorganized, and it typically conjures up images of filthy local markets, stink, and terrible shopping experiences. The two sought to alter how Indians saw meat. Licious was developed with the idea that Indians should have access to healthier meat.


The creators :
Vivek Gupta:The co-founder of Licious is Vivek Gupta. He began working at Tavant Technologies as a corporate finance manager. In the past, Vivek held the positions of non-executive director at MobiCom Commune Pvt. Ltd. and finance controller at Helion Ventures. He became a chartered accountant (CA) after getting his BCom from Punjab University.


Abhay Hanjura,
In addition, Licious' co-founder is Abhay Hanjura. He served as Infosys' campus representative. Abhay began his work with India Insure Risk Management Services as a deputy manager. Additionally, he served as an Associate Director and Head of Business Intelligence for Futurisk Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd.


Yummy Products 
Farm to fork is Licious' business model. The business manages the whole supply chain. Everything is the company's duty, from product sourcing through processing and storage to delivery to the user. The business appears to have taken a page from Amul's playbook in order to cut out the middlemen and take direct control of processing, marketing, and sourcing. Speaking about it, Abhay stated, "I firmly believe that Licious will accomplish for animal husbandry what Amul did for milk."

According to Licious, 50% of the meat sold by the firm comes from its own farms, up from 10% in 2020. Additionally, Licious possesses facilities for processing and distribution. From the very first day, Licious has also worked to dispel the stigma associated with meat. Licious marketed meat in organised cartons, leak-proof pouches, and containers rather than dark plastic sacks.


The company claims to deliver the item in 90–120 minutes thanks to its more than 3500 personnel. Additionally, Licious asserts that it processes over a million orders each month. With Licious, transactions are extremely secure and safe. Every product's quality and freshness are priorities for the organization. Both a web platform and a mobile app are available. The brand's primary goal is to earn consumer loyalty.

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