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La Marquise Jewellery Success Story:

The La Marquise story commenced with the transformation of precious stones into spectacular pieces of fine jewellery, which is unique and splendid in its formation. Fast forward to the current day and “La Marquise” has grown into a global chain of retail boutiques located in major shopping malls, five-star hotels and select duty-free’s. Appealing to all tastes with a wide variety of exquisite and trendsetting designs, La Marquise’s customised approach and inclusive portfolio has attracted the attention of fashionable socialites and is graced by women belonging to almost every segment of the society.

Friendship and passion are the cornerstones of their charming brand story. These values are still practiced to this day and trickles down across their  entire brand. From  artisans, all the way to  retail sales associates, they promote inclusiveness and an open environment for ideas and discussion. This has helped us challenge ourselves to provide a better end product for you.

As a multiple award-winning jewellery brand,  pride ourselves on our jewellery finishing. We hire, train and employ all our artisans regularly to ensure they deliver on the high standards that we set ourselves. From the working environment right to all our tools and machinery, we use only the highest grade to deliver on our promise.

To achieve a status of fine jewellery,  La Marquise use unparalleled diamonds and gemstones that are ethically sourced. At the end of the day, these are the true heroes of any jewellery piece and left no stone unturned in their search to find the highest quality raw materials. The sourcing team travels the world to find these stones, ensuring your piece of mind, every time.

We focus on using high-quality gold, working only with the most trusted refineries. Solid gold is used to manufacture fine jewellery as it never changes colour or oxidizes. 18k solid gold is durable and boasts a radiant hue that compliments all stones, especially diamonds.

The real showstoppers, the main reason why they stand out from the crowd! The diamonds are cut to ensure maximum brilliance and luster. Apart from the 57 facets, they even create facets on our girdle! On average, La Marquise spends 15% more time in polishing our diamonds, so that you can shine brightest in any room. These sparkling luxuries fall in the range of VS-SI clarity with GH colour and are sourced through Responsible Jewellery Council and Kimberley-Process compliant mines.

Head Office: Suite 45J, Almas Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers,P.O. Box 4308, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Tel:+971 4454 1047.

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