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Farah Khan traces her origins back to Persia, with roots in Muslim and Parsi aristocracy that settled in India more than 300 years ago. And when she designs, when she creates, she likes to dig into her own Indian heritage, reinvent it and reimagine it for the future. There is a nostalgia to her, and she is attracted to all things historical and vintage, enticed by the Golden Age of Indian History, the Royal Russian Czars, and the Renaissance art and the poetry of the Romantics.


Deeply inspired by her own lived experience and memories, she draws equally from the art and architecture of Rajasthan, where she spent many years traveling with her father, as from the natural magnificence of Kashmir, where so much of her childhood was blissfully ensconced. She uses classic motifs from Mughal and Rajput times but reconstructs them with the dexterity that technology offers, as she uses it to enhance her life and work. Entrenched as she is in nostalgia, she is simultaneously excited by the possibilities of the future. She takes elements from the past and contemporizes them, transforming them into wearable art, so that there's a constant play of ethnic and contemporary, old-world charm and modern flair, Indian soul but universal appeal. Her designs are a culmination of her varied and colorful life experiences and fabulous flights of creative imagination, making each piece of jewelry intensely personal and entirely unique.




Growing up in a home that was a cradle of creativity, surrounded by independent thinkers and free spirits, it was only natural that Farah Khan turned towards the creative world. She had always been artistic by nature, but after completing her graduation in History and Economics, she dabbled in many genres before finding the career that would come to be her calling. At 22, in the year 1992, she signed up for a degree in Gemology and jewellery design at GIA (The Gemological Institute of America), hoping to spark her creativity. Without her even realising it, she had found something she excelled in, her career had chosen her, and there was no looking back. 

On her return to India, she worked with India's top jewellers, gaining more and more recognition for her work and designs, leading her to establish her eponymous brand in 2004.

Since then, Farah Khan has spent 28 years building her brand into an international emblem of quality and beauty. Her designs are flamboyant, ornate, and adventurous, and the brand is synonymous with high standards for style, craftsmanship, detailing, design, and the ethical sourcing of gemstones. All pieces, whether couture or prét, are set and crafted to perfection so the finish is uncompromised and peerless. Farah Khan jewels are worn by Bollywood's A-list stars, India's foremost business families, and international celebrities, including Beyoncé and Serena Williams. It continues to break new ground as a brand and aims higher than ever before. The journey has just begun.

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