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A medical graduate, Dr. Jamuna Pai made a switch to aesthetic medicine in 1994 following her lifelong passion for beauty. Dr. Pai’s pursuit to offer the best skincare treatments led her to envision a state-of-the-art facility, offering the latest in skincare at a time when there were a few takers. After completing her training in the UK and with acclaimed dermatologists from all over the world, Dr. Pai started ‘Blush’, in Mumbai in 1994.The ‘First Mover Advantage’ concept is synonymous with Dr. Pai. As far as any business venture goes, you need to be the first, the best or the only in your line to push the boundaries and be successful. In Dr. Pai’s case all three hold true. Constantly updating her techniques and extensive knowledge of the subject, Dr. Pai is credited to have pioneered and introduced various skin treatments and techniques thus giving her the title of being the ‘Pioneer of Cosmetology in India’ by many. 
Dr. Pai introduced BTX wrinkle treatment to the Indian consumer in the year 2000. She has also played an integral part in creating awareness and acceptance for many treatments by holding workshops and seminars throughout the country. Keeping in tune with her pioneering spirit, in its 24th year, her brand has reinvented itself under the name of SkinLab to suit the needs of the 21st century consumer.
Dr. Jamuna Pai has also been associated with the Miss India Organisation as a skincare expert for the past two decades ensuring the beauty queens have flawless glowing skin before attending international pageants. 
Today, Dr Jamuna Pai is the most sought after Cosmetic Physician in India with clinics across India as well as a training academy for doctors and aestheticians. Recognised and awarded on multiple medical and consumer platforms, Dr. Pai is a world renowned cosmetic physician. 

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