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Devnaagri, established in 2013, draws its inspiration from the Devanagari script, the foundation of all modern Indian writing systems. The brand's design philosophy is a manifestation of artisanal opulence and enduring embroideries, all rooted in the rich tapestry of ancient Indian heritage. The horizontal lines that unite the script mirror the threads of tradition deeply interwoven into their ensembles, preserving the enchantment and intricacy of Indian culture. "Deva," which means heavenly and divine, encapsulates the emotions experienced in the world of Devnaagri.

Devnaagri's inception was a tribute to the Indian woman and her multifaceted persona. With each collection, they delved into her commitment to tradition while celebrating her ability to adapt and evolve. As the Indian woman embarked on her journey, Devnaagri matured in parallel, refining their aesthetics, enhancing their confidence in their creations, and broadening their horizons.

The brand's identity is not one of reinvention but rather the continuous motion of the wheel of tradition. They reinterpret Indian aesthetics, indigenous embroidery techniques, and unmatched craftsmanship, all of which are essential to their creative existence. Their commitment lies in the preservation of Indian culture, harnessing the ever-evolving talents of local artisans, reviving forgotten fabrics, and emphasizing meticulous detailing. Much like their aesthetics, Devnaagri's growth has been organic and grounded in tradition. In 2016, they expanded their presence by launching their e-commerce platform, reaching a global audience. Their traditional made-to-measure ensembles resonated with women seeking authenticity, and gradually, Devnaagri became a part of special occasions and family gatherings.


This evolution led to a realization of the multi-generational and timeless charm their ensembles embody. With this humble intent, they aspire to create collections that find a permanent place in your wardrobe, exuding confidence and ease. Devnaagri is a traditional Indian clothing brand that caters to families seeking timeless, endearing ensembles steeped in authentic Indian artistry.


Welcoming you into the realm where traditional simplicity meets exquisite design are the duo of Kavita and Priyanka Jain. For these sisters, entrepreneurs, and champions of tradition, Devnaagri symbolizes their journey through life, family, and heritage.

Their creative journey as designers is an amalgamation of cherished memories from their summer visits to the flower markets of Jaipur, witnessing their grandmother adorned in festive attire, and their collective experience in the apparel industry. Kavita and Priyanka's passion is infectious, transcending age barriers. They have gained recognition for their hands-on involvement in the brand. Their innate ability to translate their love for design into everyday essentials and festive favorites is truly extraordinary. Their engagement in every aspect of building Devnaagri reflects their entrepreneurial journey.

Priyanka revels in the interplay of vibrant colors and simple silhouettes, while Kavita is enamored with muted tones and opulent fabrics. Together, they are the heart and soul of the Devnaagri family.

Address :D-56 Ground Floor, Main, 100 Feet Rd,
Chhatarpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110074

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