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cult fit.jpg, formerly known as or Curefit, is an online and offline provider of health services. According to the membership options, the online mode provides video-based live classes for on-demand yoga, meditation, and fitness sessions. In addition to the online option, they also have gyms spread across numerous Indian states and towns. The platform offers instruction in aerobics, yoga, meditation, home workouts, kids workouts, arm workouts, core workouts, and a variety of other fitness programmes.

​Users of can join the gym with a variety of membership levels that best suit their needs, or they can download the app to gain access to many of the programmes. Business 
The health and fitness sector includes The size of the worldwide health and fitness market, which is over $87 billion, is what makes it so interesting.

The number of health app downloads has surged, particularly in India. Some reports claim that India topped the list of countries with the most health app downloads, at roughly 157%.

More people than ever before are concerned about their health thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak. This has started to open people's eyes to a more all-encompassing approach. From 2022 to 2030, this industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 17.6%.

The founders and team of
Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori, two businessmen, started the company.

Muhammad Bansal 
IIT Kanpur graduate Mukesh Bansal is a businessman. Mukesh, who was born in Uttarakhand, began his journey before launching He was responsible for building the Myntra e-commerce platform.

As a system analyst, Mukesh has worked for Deloitte as well as a few other Silicon Valley firms, including eWanted, Centrata, NexTag, and NewScale. After Flipkart bought Myntra, he was also the Head of Commerce and Advertising Business for the company.Mukesh is a part of the nonprofit organisation that supports games and sports, Olympics Gold Quest. He was also featured in Fortune Magazine's list of the Best 40 Entrepreneurs Under 40.

Ankit Nagori, Curefoods' founder and CEO, 
Ankit Nagori, a native of Bihar, is currently one of the founders of In addition, he founded and serves as CEO of Curefoods at the moment. Ankit, an IIT-Guwahati graduate, founded the three-year-old social media firm "Youthpad."  After six years at Flipkart, he co-founded with Mukesh Bansal. However, Ankit later changed his focus and invested in Curefoods (a division of in 2020 to offer a cloud-based kitchen and nutritious diets.

He still has a stake in either CultFit or CureFit, though. He was selected by Entrepreneur Magazine for its list of the 35 under 35 business leaders in 2019.

Name, logo, and tagline for 
The business was formerly known under the moniker " Rebranding was necessary because the company grew so much in the fitness industry, making them a new brand and a new market leader.

The brand aimed to launch a number of online programmes with additional membership passes known as the "cultpass." The company hopes to broaden its offerings under the new name to include teleconsultations, treatment, and the eatfit marketplace. The slogan for is "Fitness is not an option."

The Startup Story of, which was founded in 2016 by two entrepreneurs, is presently gaining popularity among many exercise fanatics. There were no other businesses in the health and fitness sector when Mukesh and Ankit started their venture.

After leaving Flipkart, the two fitness enthusiasts began to research the topic and came to the conclusion that no one is actively taking care of their health.

They discovered that many take fitness in no way seriously and only seek medical attention in an emergency. One of the main causes of death in India is chronic disease. This is what inspired Mukesh and Ankit to start a platform where people can work out, stay fit, and take a more holistic view of health.

They developed a system using their engineering skills that would allow people to train according to their BMI, how much sleep they require each night, water levels, and general daily activity.

They began in this manner. Now called, Without an app, the team was able to secure some funding.

To make working out enjoyable in the beginning, has studios where they offer Zumba sessions, boxing, dancing, yoga, and strength and conditioning. The business released its app in 2017, following the success of its offline mode. Many clients joined immediately because it was the first digital platform in the sector. That is how the brand began to take off and how it is still expanding. Its primary other commercial endeavours include 
A meal delivery firm named "Kristy's Kitchen" was purchased by the company. Following the acquisition, the company started selling a subscription-based health diet to its clients. purchased 1000 Yoga in 2017 and renamed it as part of an endendeavour for yoga and mental health.

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