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Chandrani Ghosh is a force to be reckoned with in the banking sector of South Asia and the Middle East. Her tryst with success came after years of concerted efforts. Hard work, diligence, and determination were the key pillars that helped Chandrani reach new zeniths. Chandrani previously served as an Assistant Director of Public Relations in TI in Qatar.


She is currently working as Head of Business Development at Credit Advisory Company, and her portfolio includes top Multinational banks of India and the Middle East.

Apart from her many milestones in the finance and banking sector, Chandrani is also part of a prestigious public speaking club called ‘Toastmaster International.’ She cherishes being a member of the organization and strives to accelerate its global reach. She opines that women can ‘break the glass ceiling’ and navigate uncharted territories if they let go of their fears and inhibitions. 

Chandrani was born and brought up in a small-town name Cooch Behar, heritage city of West Bengal. She  finished her college from Coochbehar and moved to Kolkata for higher study, mostly on her solo decision.

Chandrani’s journey to becoming a towering figure in the transnational banking sector was fraught with challenges. However, she asserts that her ‘go-get-it’ attitude was her savior. Chandrani encourages women from all walks of life into different domains to not be intimidated by societal pressures. Indeed, Chandrani has paved the way for many other young girls and women to dare to dream and fulfill them. 

In Conversation with Lifestyle Magazine:
Chandrani Ghosh:” Situation didn’t allow me to take financial support from my family for long on those days. It was surviving battle for me, even for the basics, I faced tremendous struggle during those days of my life. After finishing my Software diploma, I was looking for job almost door to door.  Finally, I landed up with job in a reputed bank. After a year, I got even better opportunity in another reputed multinational bank. Later I pursued my banking career journey in Mumbai and Qatar too.I completed my Executive Management Program from IMT Ghaziabad when my kid was 3 months old, had to managed everything almost without any domestic support, those days were also a big struggling period for me. But I was determined to finish my master.

I was always active in cultural program in my school days, so life gave me opportunity again to perform in stage after 25 years. I performed in a Mega dance show in Qatar with celebrity dancer I was part of a dance group and together we won several contests.”

Recently, Chandrani Ghosh  was crowned as Mrs India -Congeniality 2021 in Mrs India Empress of the nation 2021 contest by Diva Pageants in Pune.  She has a  significant attraction towards music, dance, and fashion. 
For  latest updates from the world of Chandrani Gosh , follow her on:instagram:@chandranighoshofficial/

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