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Bhavna Sharma
Mrs. India Universe 2nd Runner Up 2018.
Mrs. India Universe West 2018.
Mrs. India Universe Ramp Walk 2018.
Women’s Glory Award Winner for Youngest Entrepreneur – Personality Groomer , Pune 2018
Milestone Global Excellence Award  Winner – Category:Grooming , Dubai 2019.
Groomer & Jury @ IKFW 2018 & 2019 - Pune Auditions.
Jury at various National & International Beauty Pageants.
Professional Photographer & Certified DJ & a Passionate Biker.



From being a shy & timid woman who could not even introduce herself to  a successful admin professional who is working since 18 years in  a MNC & an entrepreneur who now transforms lives She is Bhavna Sharma who  has come a long way a stylist , Image consultant and a personal guide,she is an inspiration for many women who are struggling to find their inner potential .

Being the eldest daughter in the family, she was married at a tender age of 18. Soon after her marriage, she faced a lot of hardships likes domestic violence , dowry harassment and  she was constantly looked down upon as she is a introvert person. She was a housewife and had no idea how to dress up or how to wear make up.

She was a mother at the age of 19 and was abandoned by her husband within a years time, due to which she slipped into several health issues. This was when she decided to change for better. She took it as a challenge and transformed herself into a total new and confident human being , who now help other women tto  build  self confidence.


Subsequently she was remarried to Abhishek Sharma and  now leads a happy & confident life with her 2 children son Aayush who is 20 yrs old and daughter Hridaya aged 7 .Apart from being a working professional since 18yrs in top MNC, she simultaneously started a Personality grooming firm called “Estilo by Bhavna Sharma “where she grooms and mentors various age group women for national /International beauty pageants and at personal level as well.Her grooming considers of teaching Voice modulation techniques , Basic & Advance Self makeup , Ramp walk tutorials , weight loss tips , Self-Styling for different occasions along with a professional photoshoot and self-introductory video montage. All this is done with a motive to help people gain self-confidence.

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In Conversation with Lifestyle  Magazine
“During my journey I came across many house wife and other women who had been facing same issues which were once faced by me. The insecurities of these women made them the victim of several evils of the society. I decided to help them transform for the better, not only in looks but overall personality. I have recently started an NGO called “Hridaayu” foundation which helps people fight depression. I feel this a very sensitive topic and need of the hour thing to help people of age group and gender to give a helping hand to come out of depression and gain mental health and wellness.”

Bhavna Sharma would be participating at an international beauty pageant in 2020 where she would be representing India at Toranto and will be  competing with 40 ladies across the globe.She is a Multitasker, a Mother,Wife, Passionate biker, Model ,MNC working professional ,Personality Groomer, Photographer & a certified DJ.Kudos to Bhavna Sharma for being a excellent muti tasker and being an inspiration to many women at large.

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