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Inspiring Story of Bhanupriya  who  was a working Professional in Education industry turned into a Successful Professional Makeup Artist.

Bhanupriya is a Professional Makeup Artist, Educator & Salon Owner, she quit her well-salaried job a couple of years back  so that she can follow her guts and heart to become what she is passionate about. 

Bhanupriya started earning early to invest in her future plan while she was working in a reputed college in Delhi when she decided to start her professional career in the field of Makeup. She had already tied her belt of patience because she knew she is completely new in the industry, lack of resources, the fear of potential investment, she started learning everything from the scratch.

She then, progressed from the collaboration shoots with many MTV celebs to paid fashion shoots to the Bridal Makeovers to Makeup Sessions and to become a Salon Owner. 

“Creative Makeovers by Bhanupriya”.

The Breakthrough Journey:
Bhanupriya has always been an entrepreneur at heart, with a die-hard and fierce passion for Makeup and Beauty. Her determination and courage resonates in her personality as an individual and an artist. Her vision is exemplary in the field and she known as a thought-leader by her peers. 

She has not only honed her art but has also been part of guiding and teaching thousands in their journey towards becoming a makeup artist. She is An enthusiast of Fashion, Beauty & Makeup, her motto has always been to experiment with what’s out there and to never limit yourself. This belief strongly reflects in her personality, exuding grace, personality and style. She has been and continues to inspire women across the globe with her charisma and charm. Her passion for Makeup, Beauty and Fashion has taken her to places all over the world. She is a curious learner and a travel enthusiast. 

Bhanupriya’s  USP lies in her ability to create beautiful styles for people with different skin types and hair textures, also her inherent ability to understand what will please the sensibilities of her client's.

Highly meticulous, Bhanupriya is particular about using only top-class products, no matter how trivial is the job at hand is. She also believes in continuously honing her skills, and has spent months training with bridal specialists, and taking advanced lessons to perfect her hair styling techniques.

A down-to-earth person and an exceptional stylist, Bhanupriya is much in demand for the magic she works on beautiful brides-to-be. Her ever-growing list of clientele bears testament to her artistry and her undying passion to create and enhance beauty. 

The most important day of your life needs the best of the preparations. The union of two souls, weddings are real-life fairy tales that mark both a beginning to a new life and an end to the old. Bhanupriya uses her expertise to give your weddings the magic touch of being equally enchanting.Combining renowned brands and her skills is enough to add an appeal to a wedding. Be it giving a makeover to the bride or the family, Bhanupriya proficiency in makeup and hairstyling has made her the first choice for bridal makeup  by wedding parties who insist on having the best on their big day. Making her professionalism a priority, she also goes the extra mile to ensure that your wedding is the talk of the town by using his knowledge of makeup and hair styling to the best of her ability. The praise that follows the bride throughout the evening is a sure testimony of his credibility.

Apart from being the best bridal makeup artist in town, she has also styled various Bollywood divas, Pageant winner girls  and models and is the official Makeup partner for Lifestyle Magazine Cover Page and model shoots for India and Abroad.

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