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Ever since, Avon has dreamt of a quality of life that she can hold on to, that she can share with her 2 children and the community, and that she can be proud of as self-achievement. Avon's propensity to drive herself to higher heights has begun during her school days where she graduated Magna Cum Laude, and was recognized as the Outstanding Student Council Leader at one of the top universities in the Philippines.
She also has grown as a person, professionally.  Right now, she is the Human Resources Head in a Conglomerate.  Her value and her efforts at work are continuously being recognized and rewarded.

In addition, her Accomplishment & Accolades includes: Mrs. Philippines-Asia Pacific Global 2019 Grand Winner.
Mrs. Asia Pacific Global 2019 Grand Winner.
Images Asia’s 2017 Woman of Substance and Purpose.
Outstanding Woman in Commerce and Leadership 2017 Awardee.
Rotary International Outstanding Leadership Awardee for 2 consecutive terms 2018, 2019.
Manila’s Best Dressed 2017 Awardee.
Rupert Jacinto’s Portrait of a Woman Fabulous in Career 2017 Awardee.
Bobby Castro’s Outstanding Talent and Empowered Woman 2017 Awardee.
Philippine Empowered Woman 2017 Awardee.
Pamana USA’s Outstanding Woman of Style and Community Civic Leader 2018 Awardee.
Philippines’ Face of Success 2018 Awardee.
Philippines’ Best Dressed: Ambassador for Life 2018 Awardee.
Pamana USA’s Ambassador of Style for Life 2018 Awardee.
Philippines’ Elite 2018 Awardee.
Outstanding Woman 2019 Awardee.
Recently, she was hailed as the Fabulous Global HR Leader of the World 2020 on February 15, 2020 in India.  She was also proclaimed as the Most Inspiring Woman of Asia on May 19, 2020, of which the formal awarding will happen in Vietnam as soon as the pandemic condition gets better.


She wants to share all of these achievements with her two children, who are her sources of inspiration. They are the reason why she gives her best in all of her endeavors.With all the blessings, it is time to give back. Her involvement in an international organization that does charity works/outreach programs/service missions, being the President for two consecutive terms intensifies her advocacy, which is Empowerment of Underprivileged Communities. Till date, she has led the adoption and transformation of 2 underprivileged communities- 

Winning the Mrs. Asia Pacific Pageant further strengthened Avon's advocacy. She is grabbing the opportunity of having a voice that can go beyond the Aeta Community in Cagayan, the Philippines, the Asia Pacific and the world. She firmly believes that an inspired voice that's in sync with the heart will not only attract attention, but will encourage everyone to act and fight against the imbalance of the world and to become part of the solution in the alleviation of poverty and the empowerment of communities. As she builds her credibility and earns respect, she has been requested to appear in several TV commercials and print ads.
Avon is undoubtedly gracing the cover of Lifestyle Magazine International Edition  not only because she is a  beautiful  brave woman, but also because her accomplishments are a manifestation of how inspiring her life story is.

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