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Anmol Jewellers is immensely popular for being one of the best diamond jewellers in Mumbai. Anmol Jewellers has a luxury showroom located on Turner Road, Bandra, Mumbai and it is wonderfully designed to cater to customer demands for the newest & best designs in diamond jewellery and customized jewellery. Anmol Jewellers is a luxury jewellery brand known for its exclusive designs and impeccable craftsmanship.

Amongst other Real diamond Jewellers, Anmol Jewellers is the proud designer of Eternia – The Bridal Collection, a unique design of diamond jewellery. Like all jewellers in Mumbai, each of Anmol Jewellers are hallmarked and certified.

Anmol Jewellers has an extensive range of fine jewellery which includes Eternia – The Bridal Collection, Timeless – Classic Diamond Jewellery Collection, Regal Splendour – Heritage Jewellery Collection

, Dazzling Dewdrops – Briolette & Rosecut Diamond Jewellery Collection, Tick Tock – Kinetic Jewellery Collection, Evil Eye Collection and many more.

India’s legacy is frequently best represented in regions that have managed to keep its history and craftsmanship intact over decades. Jewellers around the city (country) are committed to preserving this history while adapting to the newness of current culture and contemporization. Every Indian city has a favourite jewellers (jeweller), and each one has done something special to identify themselves as the best. Among the greatest jewellers in Mumbai, Anmol Jewellers stands out as one of the most distinctive jeweller to have its flagship jewels (jewellery) store in Mumbai. Anmol Jewellers prides itself on being one of the few standalone jewellers in Mumbai creating bespoke designer diamond jewellery.

Of the number of diamond Jewellers in Mumbai, Anmol Jewellers scores big when it comes to their exhaustive diamond jewellery collection. The Bijouterie being one of the signature designs along with Viviera are both beautifully designed to cater to its individual jewellery lovers. There are very few jewellers in Bandra who can vouch to cater to something that is different and one of its kind.

Among the diamond jewellers in Mumbai, Anmol Jewellers scores big when it comes to their exquisite diamond jewellery collection. The ‘Bijouterie Collection’ by Anmol Jewellers is an exclusive collection designed to cater to the jewellery connoisseurs. The collection comprises of unique, unusual and one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces.

Bollywood Diamond Jewellers In Bandra
Anmol Jewellers has established a distinct place in the jewellery industry among the many jewellers in Mumbai. Whether it’s your wedding day, birthday, or any other important occasion, most people nowadays want to look their best and make their day unforgettable. You might be wondering where these beautiful Bollywood stars obtain (shop for) their jewellery. Anmol Jewellers, on the other hand, is your one-stop shop for Bollywood jewellery to add a touch of glitz to your attire.
Anmol Jewellers is well-known among celebrities and is considered one of the greatest celebrity diamond jewellers in town. We’re also known as the top diamond jewellers in Bandra, Mumbai’s southern suburb.

Real And Fine Diamond Jewellery In Bandra?
The beauty of India rests in its diversity. Every region of India has its own distinct jewellery, and the skills required to manufacture it are unique to that region and have been passed down through centuries. Anmol’s greatest asset is its craftsmen who come from all around India to produce one-of-a-kind designs. We are known as the best real diamond jewellers in Mumbai. And it is through our brand that we present you this selection of jewellery, with the precise finish that you will not find anywhere else.
Our real diamond collection includes everything from classic designs to uncut ethnic Polki sets, making it ideal for special occasions. Our exquisite diamond jewellery pieces are timeless, evoking refinement, composure, and grace. We also have an everyday diamond range that will make your walk glow.

Anmol jewellers have gained the trust of its customers for ages, and we aspire to provide our clients the best quality jewels in the coming years.


Mumbai: Turner Road, Bandra (W)

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