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Qatar Resident wins 1st Runner up

MRS. Asia Pacific 2022 Crown.

Qatar resident and an Indian national Aarti Gautam has bagged 1st Runner up MRS. Asia Pacific Beauty Pageant 2022 crown recently held in Singapore by Lumiere International Pte Ltd.

In addition, she won MRS. Queen Ambassador award, MRS. Timeless beauty and MRS Lumina Golden Woman awards in the event. She has an alluring personality that is brimming with sophistication and hope. The mother (55 years old) of two young boys, works as an educator and loves fashion, fitness, gardening, and interior design.

Marriage and motherhood couldn't hold her back from chasing the goal and always maintaining the best version of herself. After marriage, she moved to Saudi Arabia and it has been 22years of living in Qatar since the day. She was an educationist in Indian Saudi Arabia and Qatar while also being associated with the socio-culture association (Indian Women’s Association) in Doha Qatar!


She has organized Mrs.India IWA (Indian Women’s Association) as a cultural secretary and has been Mrs. India and locked the position of Mrs. Intellectual sub title winner.

Aarti always believes that if there is a will, the way will automatically come before you and leads you to your achievements. If one has confidence they can achieve their dreams, nothing can hurt their determination. To make a difference, she always put all the worries aside and never hesitate to go beyond the limit of testing herself to be meritorious in every possible way- be it in private or professional life. She strongly opines that every day is a new beginning and each experience teaches her how to improve her personality. Arti has disassembled the patriarchal conventions that limit women within the barricades of motherhood and marriage.

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In her words, “Why should we limit our ambitions based on our age? Many ladies in their 50s believe that their lives are finished when they are at home. Aspirations have no age limit, and gender does not have to determine a person's role. We should trust our intuition and pursue what makes our lives beautiful and fascinating”.

Aarti says that competing in a beauty pageant was a distant goal, but her husband and sons encouraged her in participating. For her, the entire journey has been a tremendous learning experience that has required a lot of hard effort. Her self-reliance and her positive attitude project her as a strong woman who can accomplish the ultimate crown through determination, fearlessness, and willpower. She has always inspired the ladies around her to take the control of their lives and cherish life to the fullest. Her family and children are her ultimate strength and her talent will keep her moving.

She puts in, 'recognizing our goals and desires allows us to better understand who we are and what we value. This may seem obvious, yet most middle-aged women are defended to varying degrees against our desires. We should regard ourselves as powerful actors in our own lives. Finding oneself and becoming a better version requires us to use our personal strengths and it  is built on a foundation of strength, courage, and competency that individuals create over time.' 

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