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Victoria Hagan’s passion for interior design started when she was only eleven years old. At the time, her family had bought a new house which they decided to remodel. Before the new family home had even been completed, young, imaginative Victoria Hagan had already decided which furniture would go where in the house, carefully picking patterns and textures for each room. Her parents, however, did not heed her advice and instead went with their own style of furniture for the new home. Well, eleven year old Hagan was very opinionated and had no problem telling her parents how much she hated their new furniture, to which her family made fun of her. Looking back on it now, Hagan said the whole situation makes her laugh, and truly was the start to a passionate career in creating.

Now, Hagan calls Connecticut home base while her design firm is based in New York City. Her design firm, Victoria Hagan Inc., which she started 25 years ago now, is made up of a team of 26 inspired individuals all specializing in a specific area of interior design to help make Hagan’s visions come to life. Together, they travel the world pulling influences from different countries, cultures, and histories to design inspiring and innovative architecture and interiors. She has written multiple books now on her interior design and continues to inspire fellow artists around the world with her incredible interiors.

Career Rewards
Throughout her wildly successful career, Victoria Hagan has built up quite the collection of awards. Recognized over and over again by Architectural Digest, AD has listed her as the top 100 architects in the world. In addition to this, Hagan has racked up some of the country’s top design honors including being inducted in the Interior Design Hall of Fame, receiving the Innovator Award by CTC&G (Connecticut Cottages & Gardens), and the Visionary Woman Award for making a significant contribution to art and design.

She also has written two books on her interior design including her first book Victoria Hagan: Interior Portraits published by Rizzoli in 2010, and her second book, Dream Spaces, which was released in 2017. Both of these books include beautiful photographs of some of her best, most inspiring work, as well as words from Victoria on creating, imagining, and how to step outside of the norm to follow your heart. Both books involve emotion-invoking interior designs as well as inspiration from the artist behind it all.

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