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 Most Instagrammable Places in Las Vegas

The best places to go shopping in Abu Dhabi are almost exclusively malls for the simple fact that the United Arab Emirates is an extremely hot country. People tend not to spend too much time away from the air conditioning if they can help it. If you’re going to spend some time shopping, you’ll naturally want to do it in some climate-controlled comfort.
That said, Abu Dhabi’s range of malls and shopping experiences is remarkably varied. If you pick the right places – such as those listed below – you can find anything from unique local souvenirs to some of the most exclusive fashion labels in the world.


1.The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign
Just be prepared to wait in line for your turn
This sign has been attracting visitors ever since it was erected in 1959. Although it’s not the original sign standing today, the classic Art Deco style remains, and it makes a great selfie. Check out the lesser-known message on the opposite side of the sign too.Read more
Location: 5200 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA


2.The Paris Las Vegas Eiffel Tower
It’s around half the height of the original, but it’s right on The Strip
This landmark is a scaled-down replica of the world-famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, and looks gorgeous when lit up in soft lights in the evening. If you want to fool your friends that this is actually the original tower, hold the camera low and shoot up, carefully excluding the surrounding high-rise hotels.Read more
Location: 3655 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA


3.A backstage meet-and-greet with your favourite performer
Watch the show and get a selfie afterwards
The quality of live entertainment in Las Vegas is mind-blowing. Many of the world’s leading singers, magicians, comedians, and quirky artistes can be seen on virtually any night of the week.
Many of the shows have photo ops following the final curtain call, and more A-list singers have exclusive meet-and-greets for an additional fee. It’s possible to get a photo of yourself arm-in-arm with Celine Dion, Gwen Stefani, Jay Leno or a convincing Michael Jackson lookalike.


4.The lagoon inside The Venetian
It’s surprisingly authentic, right down to the singing gondoliers
Taking a gondola ride along the replica canals that wind in and out of The Venetian brings the romance of Venice to downtown Vegas. The experience is fairly close to the real thing and a photo taken from the central lagoon is enough to fool most people.
Location: 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA
Open: Daily from 11 am to 10 pm
Phone: +1 702-414-4300


5.The Foundation Room rooftop bar at Mandalay Bay
Stand against the railing with The Strip laid out behind you
Head up to the 63rd floor of the swanky Mandalay Bay for some amazing views of Vegas. While you’re there, you can enjoy a cocktail from one of several bars, have a dance in the club, or go all out with a fancy meal. The Foundation Room is an exclusive venue, with prices to match.Read more
Location: 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA
Open: Daily from 6 pm to 3 am
Phone: +1 702-632-7631


6.Holding up the Seven Magic Mountains
Rocks... in every colour of the rainbow
Seven Magic Mountains is a manmade collection of stone sculptures located along the I15 highway. The stones are painted in bright, vivid colours, and pretending to hold a stack in your hand makes a cool photo. The mountains are about a 30-minute drive from Downtown Las Vegas. It is in the desert, so it’s best to visit in the morning to avoid the heat.Read more
Location: S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89054, USA


7.In front of a helicopter at the Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is a famous daytrip from Las Vegas. There are plenty of tour operators offering helicopter tours over this iconic natural wonder, and few can resist a photo standing beside the chopper, with the amazing sandstone landscape in the background. Most tours will take off from Henderson Executive Airport, just south of Las Vegas.Read more
Location: 3500 Executive Terminal Dr, Henderson, NV 89052, USA


8.A selfie with a Caesar’s Palace soldier
You’ve most probably seen Caesar’s Palace in movies or TV shows, so stepping into the casino for the first time is quite thrilling. The Ancient Roman theme is really well done, and many staff dress up in period costumes for photos with guests. They are happy to pose with you, but a small tip is always appreciated.


9.Holding a bucketload of chips in a casino
Smoke a cigar and surround yourself with friends for dramatic effect
When you’re in Las Vegas, it’s practically a rite of passage to have a gamble (although we don’t condone it). Cashing in your hard-earned dollars and holding a stack of chips usually calls for a photo to share, but don’t take photos on the casino floor – it’s a big no-no.


10.Holding your last gambling chip
Pull a sad face and turn your pockets out for dramatic effect
If your battle with Lady Luck didn’t pay off, take your last chip home and capture the moment with a photo. It’s good to have a narrative on your Instagram feed.


11.Red Rock Canyon
Never mind Lady Luck, Mother Nature still loves you
After you’ve experienced the ups and downs of Vegas, and you’re left broken and poor, head out to the Red Rock Canyon for some cool selfies at dusk – it might be the only thing you can afford. However, if you plan ahead, a couple of days in a hotel nearby to Red Rock Canyon may also be a great ending to your visit to Las Vegas.
This sandstone desert landscape is about 20 minutes east of Vegas. It features a 13-mile scenic drive, hiking trails and a visitor centre.Read more
Location: 1000 Scenic Loop Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89161, USA

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