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 14 Best things To Do in Malta

1. Bask in the Blue Lagoon.jpg

Explore the stunning Blue Lagoon on Comino Island: Discover the breathtaking turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon, situated between Comino and Cominotto islands. Arrive early to beat the crowds and enjoy a few hours of sun-soaked relaxation. Afterward, take a stroll around the intriguing abandoned village, hospital, and fortifications on Comino.

2. Wander ancient city streets in Valletta.jpg

Wander the historic streets of Valletta: Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Valletta, Malta's walled city. With over 320 monuments and sites, there's plenty to see, including the iconic St. John's Co-Cathedral, the Grandmaster's Palace, and the picturesque Upper Barrakka Gardens. Take an underground tour of Valletta's ancient waterways and reservoirs for a unique perspective.

3. Dive deep into wrecks.jpg

Dive into Malta's underwater wrecks: Explore Malta's underwater wonders by diving into the fascinating wrecks. Dive sites like MV Karwela, P31 minesweeper, and Um El Faroud offer incredible opportunities to discover marine life and swim through captivating structures. If you're new to diving, try a Discover Scuba Diving course at one of the certified dive schools.

4. Cruise the coastline in a luzzu.jpg

Cruise along the coastline on a traditional luzzu: Rent a vibrant luzzu, a classic Maltese fishing boat, and embark on a coastal adventure. Discover hidden gems like the Ghar Lapsi caves and the stunning Blue Grotto in Malta, or explore fungus rock and the enchanting Inland Sea in Gozo. Book your luzzu, catamaran, or yacht in advance, especially during peak season.

5. Travel back in time in megalithic temples.jpg

Step back in time at megalithic temples: Begin your exploration of Malta's rich history with a visit to the ancient megalithic temples. Older than the pyramids, sites like Ġgantija in Gozo and Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra in Malta are architectural marvels made of colossal limestone blocks. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of these UNESCO-certified ancient religious sites.

6. Eat local specialities and Michelin-star dishes.jpg

Indulge in local delicacies and Michelin-starred cuisine: Delight in the unique blend of Arabic, Mediterranean, French, and British flavors in Maltese cuisine. Sample local specialties like pastizz (filled pastries) and aljotta (fish soup). For an exquisite dining experience, visit one of Malta's five Michelin-starred restaurants, including those in Valletta, Mdina, and Balzan.

7. Get swept up in a festa!.jpg

Join the festivities of a Maltese festa: Immerse yourself in Maltese culture by participating in the vibrant festivals known as festas. Celebrated throughout the year, these street parties and events showcase the island's lively spirit. Experience traditional processions, live music festivals, kite festivals, and captivating firework displays that light up the night sky during the summer.

8. Taste lampuki at Marsaxlokk.jpg

Sample fresh seafood, including lampuki, in Marsaxlokk: Visit the charming fishing village of Marsaxlokk to savor Malta's finest seafood, including the popular seasonal fish, lampuki (dolphinfish or mahi-mahi). Explore the bustling market stalls and trendy cafes, especially on Sundays when the famous fish market is in full swing.

9. Tour an abandoned film set.jpg

Explore the film set-turned-attraction in Popeye Village: Discover the surreal Popeye Village, originally built as a film set for the 1980 movie. Enjoy various activities such as an inflatable water course, a comic museum, a cinema, and mini-golf. Popeye Village also hosts themed celebrations throughout the year and offers a unique setting for weddings.

10. Hike the island via the Victoria Lines.jpg

Hike the Victoria Lines for scenic views: Embark on a hiking adventure along the Victoria Lines, a series of fortifications built in the late 19th century. This 12-kilometer trail stretches from Fort Madliena tower on the north coast to Fomm ir-Rih Redoubt on the south, passing through Rabat, Mdina, and Mosta. Enjoy the diverse landscapes and historical sites along the way.

11. Explore Gozo’s citadel.jpg

Discover the citadel in Gozo: Visit the magnificent cittadella in Gozo, an ancient acropolis transformed into a medieval castle. Explore the impressive Gozo Cathedral, museums, law courts, WW2 bunkers, and grain silos. Take a leisurely stroll along the battlements for panoramic views of Gozo and Malta.

12. Get your snorkel on.jpg

Snorkel in crystal-clear waters: Experience Malta's vibrant underwater world through snorkeling. With reefs teeming with marine life, snorkelers can spot damselfish, bream, trumpet fish, and even octopuses in the rockier areas. Head to Fomm ir-Riħ Bay or Imġiebaħ Bay in Malta, or Daħlet Qorrot or Xwejni in Gozo for excellent snorkeling opportunities.

13. Go clubbing in Paceville.jpg

Enjoy the nightlife in Paceville: Paceville, Malta's clubbing capital, offers a diverse range of nightlife options. Dance the night away at Sky Club, a techno hotspot with stunning light shows, or groove to hip-hop and reggae rhythms at Havana. Explore Native Bar for creative cocktails, or simply wander the lively streets and discover the energy of the night.

14. Experience local life in the Three Cities.jpg

Experience authentic local life in the Three Cities: Cross the Grand Harbour from Valletta and explore the Three Cities: Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Cospicua. These picturesque neighborhoods predate the capital and offer a glimpse into Maltese history and everyday life. Wander through narrow streets adorned with window boxes and immerse yourself in the sounds of Maltese conversations. Don't miss landmarks like the Maritime Museum, Fort St Angelo, and the Inquisitor's Palace.

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