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Best Restaurants in Colombia

2. ElCielo.jpg

Located in both Medellín and Bogotá, ElCielo is a prestigious restaurant created by Juan Manuel Barrientos, Colombia's first chef to receive a Michelin star. Offering an opulent dining experience, ElCielo presents a 12-course tasting menu with wine pairings. The dishes draw inspiration from Colombia's rich biodiversity, aiming to engage diners' senses.

3. Leo.jpg

Situated in Bogotá, Leo is a contemporary and minimalist restaurant that celebrates Colombia's biocultural heritage. Renowned chef Leonor Espinosa uses Leo to showcase the country's diverse produce and ecosystems. At the Innovation Cocktail Bar, guests can enjoy Colombian-inspired fermented drinks. The restaurant offers tasting menus of seven to thirteen courses or à la carte options.

7. Prudencia.jpg

Located in Bogotá's picturesque historic center, La Candelaria, Prudencia is a family-run restaurant with a rustic charm. With an open kitchen concept, diners can immerse themselves in the culinary action. Prudencia emphasizes locally sourced ingredients, including smoked meats and fermented vegetables that are meticulously prepared. The garden at the back creates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, but reservations are recommended.

10. Idílico.jpg

In Medellín, Idílico offers a relaxed and intimate dining experience. Chef Yeison Mora showcases Colombia's biodiversity by crafting thoughtful and wholesome dishes. The menu features fruits from the Amazon, potatoes from the Andes, and seafood from the Pacific, paying tribute to Colombia's culinary diversity. Idílico highlights seasonal ingredients and utilizes produce that thrives year-round due to Colombia's varied climate.

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