Shalom Ogoh
Miss World Saskatchewan 2020.
Shalom Ogoh, is currently reigning queen as Miss World Saskatchewan 2020. She was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria and  relocated to Canada at the age of 16 years old by herself. She is  currently a student at the University of Saskatchewan, with majors in Economics and Statistics. After a degree in marketing, she  moved to Vancouver and got into modelling and acting at the age of 21 and has  been published in some magazines and media. She  was also featured in a Canadian TV show Lucifer. 

Shalom has over the years showed class and resilience in order to overcome the adversities that would have stopped the journey of many of her peers. Her entrepreneurial skills and work ethics have elevated on who and what she can be. In life, there are those who settle for mediocrity and those who take risk and Shalom has not let limitations stop her drive to be the best she can be. With her charisma and optimistic approach to any situation the sky is the limit for this young woman.

Out of curiosity, Shalom decided to take a step towards pageantry, through the Miss World organization. Upon completing the provincial qualifiers, she was chosen to represent the province of Saskatchewan on the national stage of Miss World Canada. She finds this as an opportunity for personal growth and believes in the importance of giving back and making a difference in her local community of Saskatchewan.

She has passion for Aesthetics, Marketing, Fundraising & Non-profit engagements. In addition to her new project as Miss World Saskatchewan,  she would be representing the province of Saskatchewan at the National competitions of Miss World Canada. Her platform is focused on working with non-profit organizations. In working on my platform, She likes to create connections with like-minded people focused on making a positive impact through Networking, it.

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In Conversation with Lifestyle Magazine:
Shalom Ogoh:”In my quest to finding who I really am , and what i stand for ( platform), I discovered my love for travel, public speaking, acting, voluteerism & passion to stand up for women and children. In my experience , growing up and living in a third world country has opened my heart to Appreciation, Patience and Forgiveness. My biggest heroes are my parents. They have taught me, not to yearn for Materialism but to seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding in prayer and sincerity. In my journey, I value spirituality, because it's taught me to be Fearless, Honest, Kind and most especially to forgive and forget right away.”